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Using Crypto To Pay For Your College Tuition - Highlights from #MyCryptoLife


These #MyCryptoLife graduates used their crypto assets to pay for their college tuition and schooling. We bring you a round-up of this week’s best crypto success stories. Plus, sign up for the #MyCryptoLife Webinar today for a chance to win Binance swag! 

If you’ve been following #MyCryptoLife over the past two weeks, then you know that crypto has the power to change people’s lives for good. We’ve heard from users all over the world, including one South African user who went from homeless to homeowner in just a few short years. Others wrote to us about overcoming financial challenges and building passive income thanks to crypto trading. As always, if you have a crypto success story of your own, be sure to share it with us on social media with the hashtag #MyCryptoLife. 

Over the past few weeks, we’ve received many stories from Binance users who used crypto to fund their academic pursuits. From classroom projects and extracurricular classes to college tuition, students are putting their crypto to use. 

Regin, now a 27 year old freelancer in Indonesia, began his crypto journey in 2016, when his grandfather gifted him $100 USD for Christmas. “I decided to buy Bitcoin with all the money. In early 2017, I sold all my Bitcoin and earned over $1000 USD, but I was a little regretful of my decision at the time - if only I had just held it a little longer.” Though Regin grew his initial investment by 10x, with Bitcoin prices skyrocketing over the course of 2017, a $100 investment at the start of the year would have been worth over $22,000 at the height of 2017’s Bitcoin bull run. Nonetheless, Regin admitted that “with this money I could pay for my own tuition.” He spent $300 on a semester’s worth of tuition fees and studied for his law degree. 

Dhritishman, a 20 year old undergraduate physics student, started to do research on Bitcoin in 2015. “I researched [Bitcoin], learnt about it from many people that I met [online], read articles, went through various TOR sites, which took me almost a year and finally I decided to make an ebook about it, to sell and get me some Bitcoins.” When the price of Bitcoin rose, Dhritishman felt the envy of his peers. 

“You know, it was like [the] transition in superhero movies where the superhero had no powers initially...but then after he gets his powers, he no longer is the weakling, he rises above others on his own will. That power was ‘Bitcoin’ for me.” However, Dhritishman’s good fortune was short-lived. “...Nothing lasts forever, it was a good roller coaster ride that took me out of those deprived days.” Soon the ebook was no longer sold, and he found himself spending his earnings on video game “skins”, or cosmetic downloads that change the appearance of characters, weapons, and other in-game items. After Bitcoin’s bear run in 2018, Dhritishman said, “Now I was almost back to square one. This superhero almost lost all of this ‘Bitcoin power’.” 

However, he didn’t give up. “I started researching on Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, started learning to trade, read books and finally deposited my little left[over] money into potential projects for the future and started trading on a monthly basis.” Slowly but surely, he began to re-grow his crypto assets. These days, crypto trading is a part-time job for Dhritishman. Despite the “roller coaster ups and downs”, he is “earning enough to pay my University fees. Although my main goal still lies in physics, as I plan to be a physicist, I hope cryptocurrencies (my superpower) remain[s] in my life forever.” He remains optimistic about the future of crypto, and has been watching the recent rise of DeFi projects, which he sees as “an absolute win for the future.” 

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