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#UseBNB: Get Free BNB on Bitcoin Rewards + Book a Flight on TravelbyBit With BNB


As of the end of May, there were at least 83 confirmed used cases for Binance Coin. We’ve increased the number of use cases for BNB by more than 50% in just two months. All of these cases drive real-world adoption for crypto in their own ways. But for this article, we focus on two such use cases that are among the most on-the-ground, mass-oriented use cases for BNB: TravelbyBit and Bitcoin Rewards.

Last week, Australian company TravelbyBit launched its Binance Chain-powered payment gateway platform, a first in the world, on beta, allowing users to book flights and hotels using BNB. And recently, Bitcoin Rewards, an Australian platform that offers rewards in the form of cryptocurrency for various online purchases, has added BNB as a rewards option across hundreds of merchants worldwide.

Let’s take a closer look into these two frontliners in the movement for crypto adoption, starting with the newest addition to the #UseBNB family.

Bitcoin Rewards: Now With BNB

Bitcoin Rewards offers a compelling case for spreading the use of crypto by giving it away for free to online shoppers. And now, the innovative rewards platform known for giving away Bitcoin to its users is now adding BNB as a reward option.

Now, how do you get BNB for free via Bitcoin Rewards? Start by creating a free account on the website. Then, browse through the platform’s network of about 1,200 stores in Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, and other parts of the globe. You won’t run out of options for shopping, as you’re offered 21 categories.

Once you pick a store from Bitcoin Rewards’ list, just click on the link and shop as you normally would. Within 48 hours of a successful purchase, the dashboard on your BitcoinRewards account will update to reflect the 'pending' reward value. Once the return period for the purchase has ended, your reward will update to approved and you can claim BNB.

How much BNB are we talking about? On average, you can get 7.45% of the amount you spent as a crypto reward. Even better, this BNB is in BEP2 format as the native token of Binance Chain.

“We’d say there is a good chance you already shop online, it’s now just a matter of joining thousands of other members taking advantage of getting BNB for free by making Bitcoin Rewards your first point of call before you hit the shops,” Kahn Hood, CEO of Bitcoin Rewards, said.

Bitcoin Rewards also launched a new promo to celebrate the launch of BNB on the rewards platform. Just sign up to be a new member at Bitcoin Rewards and add BNB as your preferred method of crypto reward to be part of the promo. Winners selected via a lucky draw will win a 3-night luxurious accommodation package at Australia's first crypto town, Agnes Waters. Included within this package is a chance to experience an amazing boat cruise to Lady Musgrave Island to enjoy the sights of the Southern Great Barrier Reef first-hand. Promo runs from June 13 to 30, 2019. For more details about the promo, go to this website

TravelbyBit: The Expedia of Crypto

TravelbyBit, a company that makes it very easy for shops to accept crypto payments has come a long way. Last week, TravelbyBit Beta launched as an online travel booking platform with a payment gateway powered by Binance Chain. With the speed and performance of Binance Chain, TravelbyBit allows users to book over 1 million flights and hotels by paying in BNB, Bitcoin, or Litecoin.

The startup has always been destined to make great innovations. In May 2018, it transformed Brisbane Airport into the world’s first cryptocurrency-friendly airport. As a result, Binance partnered with TravelbyBit in October 2018, with the goal of building a global point-of-sale (POS) payment system that incorporates blockchain technology into major airports around the world. Our partnership intends to replicate what TravelbyBit has done for Brisbane Airport to every major airport in the world.

“Our companies want to see blockchain and digital currency adoption grow around the globe. The support from Binance has enabled us to focus on building cool stuff for the community. Crypto is a social movement and Binance has allowed us to keep TravelbyBit focused on the community,” TravelbyBit CEO Caleb Yeoh said about the partnership.

The TravelbyBit team was also instrumental in launching Binance Lite Australia, which allows Australians to buy Bitcoin using Australian dollars across a network of 1,300+ supported newsagents (Australia-speak for newsstands). In addition, the team actually paved the way for Bitcoin Rewards’ use of BNB.

The next steps for TravelbyBit include launching a platform that allows for bus and train payments in crypto, positioning itself as the Expedia of crypto, a one-stop shop for all travel needs, from transportation to accommodations. We look forward to more innovations and opportunities that TravelbyBit will open up not only for Binance but also for worldwide crypto adoption in general.