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Turning Financial Freedom Into Reality With Crypto - Highlights from #MyCryptoLife


People around the world are using crypto to change their lives—for good. We’ve been sharing some amazing crypto stories from our users, so be sure to follow us on Twitter

Learn how Binance users Annii and Raymart turned to crypto to achieve their financial goals. If you have a crypto success story of your own, share it with us using the hashtag #MyCryptoLife.

Annii knew she was in dire financial trouble when the successful business she ran for over 15 years ended overnight, due to measures beyond her control. She had always considered her business, which was one of her main areas of focus over the past decade and a half, her life’s legacy. Though she had traded cryptocurrency back in 2017 as a side hustle, as things got busy, she stepped back from trading due to time constraints. As a result, when she lost her business, she also lost her sole source of income. 

“I had lost the only way I was earning income to feed and house my daughter and had no one to fall back on.”

Now, Annii found herself back at square one, with no way to provide for her daughter and nobody she could count on for help. Unable to face the loss of her business, Annii became despondent over her financial circumstances. “I spent the next 2 months in bed… I couldn’t fathom the thought of having to start all over again at age 41.” Chief among her worries was the thought of not being able to provide her daughter with the lifestyle that her daughter had grown accustomed to. 

Upon considering her options, Annii thought back to her crypto trading days, and the small income she had made in 2017. With crypto, she was able to trade at home with just her phone and computer. “I started to think to myself, ‘you know what you made in the past from crypto and trading on Binance and you weren’t even trying, so imagine what’s possible if you take it seriously.’” 

With that, she got out of bed and revisited a course she had taken on crypto trading. She thought to herself, “I have control over my thoughts and my thoughts will turn into actions”. Today, just over a year later, Annii works as a full-time crypto trader and trading educator. “I get to mentor people daily and help them achieve the same freedom that I now get to enjoy,” says Annii, reflecting on her crypto journey.  

“I would not have been able to dig myself out of this hole as fast as I did in any other market.”

With unemployment rising in many countries around the world, and industries like travel and dining heavily impacted by COVID-19, more and more entrepreneurs are forced to contend with the prospect of shutting down their businesses. Parents with young children at home are faced with an even tougher task of finding jobs that allow them to work from home. 

For some, crypto trading is the ideal way to earn money while working from home. These days, trading crypto is easier than ever, and there are free resources available to help you get started, with articles like “A Complete Guide to Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners” and other topics that cover the basics. 

Raymart, a Binance user in the Philippines, started trading crypto a few months before December 2019, just before countries began to experience lockdowns and closures due to the pandemic. As a longtime stock market and penny stock trader, Raymart had made some modest gains. However, he believed that “the money made from stocks wasn’t enough for me, the game wasn’t fast paced enough.” For Raymart, “[his] money being invested wasn’t making enough returns per month.” 

Then, one day, a coworker introduced cryptocurrencies to him, and told him about the returns he was getting. Raymart was intrigued, and asked his coworker to help him set up a basic crypto trading account. 

Crypto trading proved to be helpful, providing much-need supplemental income, as his salary from work couldn’t sustain his family’s needs. Outside of trading crypto, Raymart preferred to hold onto the majority of his crypto assets. “I’m a HODLER”, he admitted, referring to the strategy of holding onto cryptocurrency and waiting for values to rise. 

A few months later, Raymart lost his job at the warehouse due to the pandemic, and relied on crypto as his main source of income. However, his outlook remained positive, as he was able to “pay [his] monthly bills and daily needs with [his] investments and sometimes day trading in [crypto]currency.” 

“Now I’m devoted to becoming better at the craft of investing in cryptocurrency because it showed me how dedicating time to a skill of research and investment can in fact change a life.” 

For Raymart, crypto trading represents more than just an opportunity to make money. He sees it as a way to “enter a financial arena that had been blocked due to the high costs and middlemen associated with traditional fiat investments”. In addition, crypto’s accessibility and low fees freed him from the “shackles of the day to day, paycheck to paycheck, hand-to-mouth” grind. It gave him new hobbies as well, including “HODLing, Trading, [and] Analyzing Market Charts.” By joining the crypto community on Twitter, he was even able to get involved with charitable projects, using crypto to donate to disaster relief projects. 

Despite having lost his job, Raymart believed that crypto had changed his life for the better. He truly believes crypto’s ability to provide financial freedom. “Guess what, that’s exactly the sort of benefit Satoshi envisioned when he created Bitcoin and gave us all that same freedom and security,” said Raymart, recounting his crypto journey. 

Do you have a crypto success story you’d like to share with us? Tag us on Twitter with the hashtag #MyCryptoLife.