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This Week at Binance: Aug 6 - 13, 2021


In today’s edition of This Week at Binance (Aug 6 - 13, 2021): We announced our Responsible Trading Summer Camp webinar series, Binance P2P expanded their risk management roadmap as part of their user protection initiatives and Binance Smart Chain launched the third round of their Most Valuable Builder Incubation Program. Plus, learn how you can buy crypto with a card or through fiat deposits.

Fellow Binancians,

Happy Friday the 13th! Luckily, for those who are superstituous, the crypto market has seen some positive growth over the past week, with the total crypto market cap hovering again around the $2T mark. Let's dive into some market updates before catching up on all the Binance news from the week.

Weekly Market Recap

This week we saw the total crypto market cap increase 16%, from $1.68T on Aug 6 to $1.95T at the time of writing. 

Bitcoin (BTC) cruised to a weekly high of ~$46,704 on Aug 11. BTC currently trades at ~$46,461 as of writing.

During the same period, Ethereum (ETH) increased from ~$2,779 on Aug 6 to a weekly high of ~$3,265. ETH currently trades at ~$3,226 as of writing.

1. Responsible Trading Summer Camp Opens Next Week


You’re invited to a special three-part webinar series where you’ll learn how to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies responsibly—just like a pro. Click the link below to to the event, which starts next Thursday, 20 August at 4 PM UTC. Registered attendees will get a chance to win BNB and BUSD prizes, Binance swag and more. 

Register for the Responsible Trading Summer Camp

2. How BUSD Facilitates Global Crypto Adoption

Did you know that today, there are more than 300 million crypto users around the world? Still, there are only five countries that have reached the 16% adoption milestone. One of the key factors driving higher adoption is the growing popularity of stablecoins, like BUSD, that act as a bridge between traditional finance and the world of crypto. 

Read our full report on the growing crypto adoption worldwide

3. Binance P2P Expands Risk Roadmap 

Binance P2P’s top priority is to provide a safe and secure crypto trading experience for users. As part of our ongoing commitment to user protection, we’re expanding our robust risk management measures and security features. 

Learn more about Binance P2P’s risk roadmap 

4. Binance Smart Chain Announces New “Most Valuable Builder” Program

In news beyond Binance, Binance Smart Chain announced the launch of its newest incubation program, titled MVB III: Beyond the Big Bang. With a focus on identifying high-performance infrastructures, NFT and GamingFi, and Advanced DeFi legos, the best of the participating projects–the Monthly Stars–will be picked on a monthly basis from August till October. Each project will receive access to the MVB Incubation Program, which is tailored to bootstrap projects on Binance Smart Chain.

Learn more about the MVB Program

5. Buy Crypto With Card or Through Fiat Deposit

Looking for a quick and efficient way to make your cryptocurrency purchases? Consider using a debit/credit card. In this article, you’ll learn how to buy crypto with a card and how it’s different from funding your fiat wallet using card deposits.

Read our guide on buying crypto with a debit/credit card

New Listings This Week:

Alpaca (ALPACA): A leveraged yield-farming platform that runs on Binance Smart Chain.

Harvest (FARM): Multi-chain DeFi yield aggregator and yield optimizer platform.

Mina (MINA): Layer-1 blockchain protocol built for dApps

Raydium (RAY): Automated market maker and decentralized exchange built on the Solana blockchain.

This Week’s Activities:

RAY Trading Competition.  Trade RAY and participate in our quiz to share a prize pool of up to $100,000. Available until Aug 18, 11:59 PM UTC. (Read more)

Sandbox (SAND) Trading Competition. Trade SAND and share a prize pool of up to $100,000. Available until Aug 17, 11:59 PM UTC. (Read more)

Binance P2P Summertime Special. Invite friends and share up to 200 BUSD. Available until Aug 16 8:00 AM UTC. (Read more)

*Expired* DOCK Savings Double Rewards. $18,000 in Dock was given out to celebrate the launch of DOCK locked savings. Congratulations to all our participants who won. (Read more)

Beyond the Exchange

  • $DF, $HEGIC, $TORN & $TRU available on Isolated Margin. We’ve also launched a $1M Margin Interest Free Vouchers Giveaway from now till August 19, 12:00PM UTC. (Read more)

  • Binance Loans adds loanable assets ATOM & RUNE. Users can also enjoy a discounted daily interest rate of 0.05% when borrowing BUSD, USDT or USDC on the Binance Loans platform until August 19, 09:00 AM UTC. (Read more)

  • New Flexible Savings on Binance Earn. We’ve AVA, LUNA, MKR and SLP to the list of supported assets on Flexible Savings. Remember, subscription for a coin closes once the maximum limit is reached. (Read more)

  • More trading pairs and 14 New Tokens added to the Convert & OTC Portal. We’re excited to announce that AKRO, AXS, BTS, CAKE, CTK, DODO, FLM, KAVA, KSM, MANA, MDX, NBS, STORJ and ZRX have been added to the Convert & OTC Portal, while 807 new pairs including AXS/UNI and MATIC/BNB have been enabled for trading on the Convert & OTC Portal. (Read more)

Other Bits to Consider

  • Get to know your crypto earn persona. Recognizing your crypto persona can facilitate decision-making and expand the possibilities of your crypto assets. Are you a Staking Student or a Bitcoin Beginner?

  • Read our tips for Binance P2P ads. Learn how to create an ad to buy or sell crypto, and get useful strategies to earn additional income on Binance P2p. (Read more)

Educational Bits From the Academy

  • Trade crypto responsibly. Get a crash course on how to develop an action and keep yourself accountable on your trade activity. (Read more)

  • BTC price history overview. Read the data and learn how to analyze Bitcoin’s price history over the past years. (Read more)

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