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The Next Game-Changing Blockchain Startups Are Solving These 8 Problems


Blockchain technology has been touted as the next great technology, with the potential to impact the world in the same way that the Internet has changed our generation. Startups have sprouted across the world daily, promising blockchain-powered solutions to just about every problem there is.

For people who want to know about the companies and groups that make a difference, it can be difficult to cut through the noise and hype all around.

Binance Labs, the investment arm of Binance, was created to solve the problems that matter most to the ecosystem and change the world for the better. We invest in the best startups and teams that the crypto world has to offer, to help them realize the full potential of blockchain technology.

Last year, during the first season of its Incubation Program, Binance Labs helped eight crypto startups to fine-tune their blockchain business ideas to give them a greater chance for success. Today, we’ll find out what problems these startups are solving.

Today (February 28) is the last day to submit your applications for Season 2 of the Binance Labs Incubation Program. Apply here!

1. Need SaaS solutions to ramp up your crypto business? Call Decore.

Right now, there is a demand for a software-as-a-service solution for crypto-native companies. If the blockchain revolution is going to sustain its momentum, there needs to be business solutions that make it easier for crypto companies to run their operations. This is where Decore, the Gusto for crypto companies, comes into the picture, by providing a full-stack software suite for conveniently running crypto companies.

2. Want a decentralized solution for betting that you can trust? Roll with Deaux.

Several startups claim to provide blockchain-powered prediction and betting solutions, but they run into trust-related problems due to central authorities or uncertainties. With Deaux, anyone can create a prediction market easily, without the need for a moderator, making it easy for market creators to just focus on engaging with their audiences. This is made possible by using off-chain order matching and on-chain settlement and custodianship.

3. Looking for an affordable and feature-packed hardware wallet? Try SafePal.

While there are many hardware crypto wallets in the market, there’s lots of room for new entrants to emerge, especially ones with great potential for mass adoption. SafePal, which is led by some of the hardware mavens that worked with market leaders like Tencent and Huawei, is creating easy-to-use, affordable hardware wallets. You can also easily get your hands on these devices, as the SafePal team is hard at work securing a global delivery network for their products.

4. Hate front running in trading? Injective Protocol has the answers.

Injective Protocol is building a fully decentralized protocol that will combat front-running and shared liquidity problems in decentralized exchanges. Using cryptographic research on verifiable delay functions (VDFs), Injective Protocol seeks to address critical security weaknesses and scaling problems in decentralized exchanges. With Binance DEX’s recent launch of its testnet, this technology is something to look out for.

5. Finding it hard to log in to Dapps? Torus makes it easy.

Decentralized apps (Dapps) have the potential to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to a wider audience… if only we remember our login details. With Torus, experience frictionless logins for Dapps, powered by a distributed key generation scheme that links user accounts to public-private key pairs. By tying online identities to keys, Torus users are able to use one set of digital credentials anywhere on the decentralized web.

6. Think there aren’t enough crypto financial services? Path. has some solutions.

Looking forward to the day they finally create accounting solutions that are crypto-friendly? Path. has laid a path towards that, with an API platform that utilizes a single universal interface that links different interfaces into financial service products for tax management, accounting, wealth management, and others. No need to write code for different platforms and hardware.

7. Want to know your crypto users more? Let Akio Labs help you with that.

In the brave new world of crypto, those who know their customers better end up having greater advantages. The blockchain-focused Akio Labs helps you do just that, by analyzing full user profiles, pulling smart contract events into their infrastructure, and answering key business questions.

8. Dreaming of a more private future for blockchain? Nym Technologies has your back.

The recent crypto craze has led to a lot of people sniffing around to figure out who sent what to where. And even with the promise of a decentralized world, current blockchain infrastructures leave a lot of room for snooping. With Nym Technologies’ privacy-enhancing services, you can anonymize cryptocurrency transactions for Bitcoin and privacy coins at the network level. By using mix-net technology, Nym scrambles records, keeping you safe from snooping from the NSA and others.

Applications are open for Season 2 of the Binance Labs Incubation Program, held in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Lagos, San Francisco, and Singapore.

Apply by February 28, 2019, at to join the strongest network of early-stage blockchain developer teams.