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The Binance Community Coin Vote Returns Better Than Ever


The Binance Community Coin Vote is now a one-on-one battle between two blockchain projects. Let your voice be heard and get the chance to earn BNB and the winning project’s tokens.

Today, a much-requested Binance community activity is making a comeback. We’re reviving the Binance Community Coin Vote, and this time, we have presented new rules that will make the entire voting experience more rewarding to everyone involved. Read here to learn more!

We are introducing a new format: a head-to-head competition between two promising crypto projects. As usual, the winning project will win a free listing on the Binance exchange. For the first round of the revamped Binance Community Coin Vote, our contenders are NKN (NKN) and Vidy (VIDY).

Aside from being able to support the project you like, you will also gain benefits from the Binance Community Coin Vote. If you voted for the winning project, you’ll gain a share of the crypto prize pool, which includes free BNB and tokens from that specific project. For this round, here are your benefits.

You vote for...

BNB Prize Pool

Project Prize Pool


13,000,000 NKN


155,000,000 VIDY

How to Join in Just 3 Steps

1. Hold BNB. Your vote count depends on how much BNB you hold on average for 9 days. You can get between 1 vote (assuming your average is 50 BNB) and 10 votes (assuming you hold more than 500 BNB every day). 

The average calculation includes the BNB on your spot account, sub-accounts, margin account, and even Binance Lending. Here’s how we do the daily BNB balance calculation.

Remember that holding the right amount of BNB also gets gives you the power to participate in Binance Launchpad and other benefits that the entire Binance ecosystem offers. 

2. Vote. For this round, you can start voting on October 10, and the voting period will go on for 24 hours.

3. Win. You have a 50:50 chance of winning BNB and new tokens from the prize pool we illustrated above. 

There are a few instances when voting has actually been this rewarding, and this is one of those chances. Let your voice be heard. Go out and vote.