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#StaySAFU: 8 Surprising Statistics About Phishing


In this article – the first in our #StaySAFU campaign – we’ll look at eight surprising statistics about phishing. Read on to find out how much money is lost in crypto scams daily, and find out who the most likely targets are.

If you’re a seasoned crypto user, you’ve probably stumbled across these scams firsthand. Every day, we read news and stories of victims losing their cryptocurrency to email/social media phishing, exchange hacks, or fake websites impersonating crypto wallets. As an emerging technology with burgeoning markets and relatively little education available, crypto is an attractive playing field for malicious actors looking to dupe unsuspecting newcomers. 

Many of these newcomers don’t have any knowledge prior to investing in Bitcoin or other cryptos, and the decentralized and unregulated nature of this technology makes it even more attractive to people seeking to part you with your money. But how much money is lost to crypto scams every day? Who’s at risk and where do the attacks originate? We’ve got the answers for you. 

With help from our friends at PhishFort and a few external resources, we’ve put together this simple infographic with eight alarming facts about phishing that you should be aware of.

These statistics are enough to scare off anyone with an interest in crypto, but together we can fight against phishing and make the space safer for newcomers. 

In the next #StaySAFU article, we’ll look at the most common scams and phishing attacks targeting your crypto, and suggest some tips for identifying them. We want to introduce you to the various threats and malicious parties, and help you to make smart decisions about your security if and when you encounter them. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone – you can achieve the highest security only if you carefully combine the available security measures to suit your needs.

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