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Post-Halving: What are Users Buying and Selling on the Binance OTC Trading Portal?


Over a month has passed since Binance released the OTC Trading Portal. During this time, we’ve seen the Bitcoin halving event come and go, and we thought it would be interesting to share what users were buying/selling on the portal post-Bitcoin halving. 

Unsurprisingly, Bitcoin OTC took up the majority of trade flows on the portal. BTC has been quite volatile pre- and post-halving, as it reached $10,000 a few days before the Halving, before dropping to $8,500 right up to the halving. Since then, BTC has rebounded and is now above $9,500 levels. Traders on the portal seem to be following the trend, as 54% of the total BTC volumes were buy flows. Given the sharp rally post-halving, one might expect this percentage to be higher, but it seems that traders are still wary of a potential post-halving dump. 

Ethereum was second in terms of total trade volume. ETH also saw a rally since the halving along with positive news about ETH 2.0 circulating, going from $185 to highs of $210. However, buy/sell volumes indicate that users are fading the rally, as ETH saw a 0.42 flow ratio (42% of flows were buy transactions, while 58% were sell transactions). While this indicates that more users are selling ETH rather than buying, there were actually more users buying vs selling when looking at just the total number of ETH trades by different users, so the flow ratio may be a case of a few large whales selling. 

BNB ranked third in trade volume, increasing in price from lows of $14.50 to $16.50. The flow ratio for BNB was more tempered and came in at 0.48.

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How to use the Binance OTC Trading Portal - FAQ

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Updated on July 27, 2022