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Now Streaming: Four of the Best Shows Featuring Crypto and Blockchain Technology


Can’t get enough of crypto? It’s time to update your watchlist. Sit back and binge-watch these TV shows, episodes, and documentaries about blockchain and crypto.

Explained - Season 1, Episode 19

“It was made by a bit of code, powered by citizens of the internet…” 

Netflix series Explained takes on cryptocurrency in an episode that asks whether digital cash is the next revolution. Whether you’re new to crypto or looking for a primer on how blockchain solved the “Byzantine general problem” (yes, you read that right), the “Cryptocurrency” episode of Explained is the right way to kickstart your watchlist. Stream Explained on Netflix

Banking on Bitcoin 

Banking on Bitcoin is a documentary available on Hulu that traces the economic conditions that shaped Bitcoin’s growth, its subsequent meteoric rise, and its upcoming challenges and opportunities when it comes to compliance and regulation. Witness the “monetary revolution” unfold in a well-produced documentary with startling access and insight into the world of crypto. Stream Banking on Bitcoin on Hulu

Mr. Robot

Note: Some minor Mr. Robot spoilers ahead in the following paragraph. Read with caution. 

Without fully going into spoiler territory, Mr. Robot’s masterfully crafted fictional world depicts the financial landscape in tumult, with major financial institutions in a state of disarray. References to cryptocurrency abound, while Bitcoin makes a direct appearance both in the background of several scenes and as a plot device. Mr. Robot takes cues from today’s world economy in creating a world that, while fantastical, still has an air of plausibility. Stream Mr. Robot on Amazon Prime Video


Watch some of the biggest names in crypto as they forecast the evolution of blockchain technology. NEXT: BLOCKCHAIN is a six-episode journey into the heart of the blockchain and crypto world, with episodes that delve deep into topics like decentralization, the promise and applications of blockchain technology, ICOs, and crypto’s outstanding potential—from addressing world problems like connecting the unbanked to creating a viable financial system for the middle class. NEXT: BLOCKCHAIN is essential viewing for any blockchain and crypto enthusiast. Watch NEXT: BLOCKCHAIN on Amazon Prime Video

Do you have a favorite show that mentions blockchain or crypto? Whether it’s a crypto-themed sub-plot or full on blockchain documentary, drop us a line on Twitter and we may give you a shoutout on our next Now Streaming recap.