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Now Streaming Act II: Put Crypto On Your Watchlist


We’re following up last week’s “Now Streaming” post with a series of iconic blockchain and crypto episodes to binge-watch over the weekend. These popular television shows do a great job putting crypto in front of mainstream viewers. Where else can you learn about consensus algorithms and blockchain? The Simpsons, of course! Read on for a list of TV show episodes to add to your stream-a-thon.  

The Simpsons - Season 31, Episode 13 

“People think I’m a nerd, but I’m actually super cool. That’s why I’m here to talk about the really cool subject of distributed consensus based cryptocurrency.” - Jim Parsons

The Simpsons did it first! In “Frinkcoin”, Professor Frink searches for a scientific breakthrough and creates a new cryptocurrency, which catapults him to fame and fortune. But the newfound wealth puts Professor Frink at odds with Mr. Burns, who exclaims, “Oh I know about cryptocurrency. I have it in my crypt,” and starts a rival coin called Burns Coin. Leave it to The Simpsons for a mainstream network show to mention the words “distributed ledger” in a musical bit with an actual talking and walking ledger book. Yes, you read that right. Stream The Simpsons on Hulu

Silicon Valley - Season 5, Episode 7 

“Crypto is out there and it’s not going away.” - Bertram Gilfoyle

Pied Piper, the startup in Silicon Valley famed for developing an efficient compression algorithm, is looking for financing to take control over their company. In “Initial Coin Offering”, Bertram Gilfoyle, the oft-antagonistic programmer, proposes an ICO to raise money for Pied Piper. The goal? No less than 30 million dollars, in exchange for control over the company. Find out what happens when the team agrees to pursue the ICO. Stream Silicon Valley on HBO Max

The Big Bang Theory - Season 11, Episode 9

Remember when Bitcoin (BTC) broke $5,000 for the first time? Sheldon remembers (Though in reality, Bitcoin just hit $11,000 this week!). In “The Bitcoin Entanglement”, the gang looks for an old laptop that is rumored to contain a financial windfall: a cache of mined Bitcoins. This flashback-heavy episode rewinds seven years to 2010, when Leonard, Howard, and Raj first began to mine Bitcoin. Remember the price of Bitcoin then? We remember. Stream The Big Bang Theory on HBO Max

Billions - Season 5, Episode 1

“What’s a dollar backed by, since we went off the gold standard?”

In the beginning of Season 5, financial-themed drama Billions introduces a group of crypto miners who are operating an illegal Bitcoin mining scheme. In “The New Decas”, U.S. attorney Chuck Rhoades confronts one of the operators behind the Bitcoin mining operation, a memorable exchange ensues. Watch Billions on Hulu

With crypto making its way to prime-time TV, it’s only a matter of time before digital assets enter the mainstream. In the meantime, if you have a show or movie recommendation that features blockchain or crypto, let us know on Twitter. We might feature it in next week’s “Now Streaming” segment.