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MobileSEArge - The Biggest Southeast Asia Mobile Challenge


For this holiday season, Binance will be giving away a total of 2200 USD (per country) specifically for our Indonesian, Filipino, and Thai users. There will be GUARANTEED prizes on surge periods when users trade using the Binance Mobile App and dedicated traders can win multiple times on all Prize Pool Types.

Promotion period: December 2, 2020 00:00 (UTC) to December 8, 2020 23:59 (UTC)

Promotion A: Daily Surge (2X/3X raffle ticket entries plus 140 USD Prize Pool guaranteed):

There are 3 ways for participants of this campaign to get rewarded. First, if they trade at least $20, they will be entitled to a consolation prize via a prize pool. Second, if participants trade $60 and up, they will be eligible to win 1 of the 5 slots in the grand prize via a daily raffle.  Lastly, if participants refer new users, they are automatically eligible for the prize pool even without any trades. 

This campaign introduces the concept of “SURGE” where participants are rewarded with a 2X, 3X, or 4X if their trades happened during a pre-identified surge period. 

Binance will send a SURGE announcement at certain times of the day which will increase your chances of winning.  There will be 1 to 2 surges scheduled per day and each surge window will be open for 2 hours max. Trades done EXCLUSIVELY ON MOBILE will qualify for the 140 USD Prize pool. Weekend surges will give users 4X the number of their raffle entries to encourage trading activities over the weekend. 

Surge Schedules

Daily Raffle

Daily Prize Pool

Traded during the SURGE (at least $60 USD)



Traded outside the SURGE (at least $60 USD)



Traded outside the SURGE (at least $20 USD)



Referrals (during or outside the SURGE)



If you trade during the surge period following the minimum volume of 60 USD, users will automatically double their entries for the daily raffle. All trades below 60 USD will still be counted for the 140 USD Surge Prize pool but no raffle entries will be made for the 170 USD Daily Raffle.  

  1. 3 trades at $60 or more = 6 entries

  2. 2 trades below $60 = 2 entries

  3. Total entries = 8 

  1. Minimum trade to qualify for the Surge prize pool: 20 USD

  2. Minimum trade to qualify for the daily raffle grand prizes: 60 USD

  1. For example, if users traded 5x in a day and 3 out of the 5 trades are at least  60 USD in trading volume during the 2X surge period, they will automatically have 8 entries for the Daily Raffle.

  2. If users traded 3x in a day and 1 out of the 3 amounts to 20 USD during the surge period, they will not have an entry for the daily raffle but they will still have 1 slot for the 140 USD Surge Prize Pool. 1 slot will be given per 20 USD trade as long as it’s done on the mobile app. 

A table of surge schedules will be followed and will be announced via an in-app push and on official social media channels, so better be ready with your mobile phones.

Surge Schedules

Surge (Daily Raffle)

Surge (Daily Prize Pool)

3pm - 5pm (daily)



7pm - 8pm (daily)



4pm - 10pm Saturday



4pm to 10pm Sunday



Referrals (Any day)



Bonus: Each successful referral will grant users 5x more ticket entries on the day they have referred a user. These ticket entries will be eligible for the 140 USD Daily Surge Prize Pool. 1 successful referral will mean the referred users have completed the following steps:

Step 1: Registered in Binance using your referral link.

Step 2: Completed Identity Verification on Binance.

Promotion B: Binance Daily Raffle - 5 Winners of 34 USD each 

Those who trade outside the surge may still qualify for the raffle draw and 5 lucky traders will share a pool of 170 USD daily, that is, 34 USD each. Users will need to trade at least 60 USD per trade on the MOBILE APP to qualify for 1 raffle entry. The more trades you execute, the higher the chances of winning the daily raffle draw multiple times. Winners will be announced daily on official social media channels.


  • All participants need to register on this form to be eligible in the program. The form will remain open after the start of the program. 

  • This promotion is eligible only for users that are verified through the Identity Verification (KYC) process of Binance.

  • Users can win multiple times for all types of Prize Pool.

  • All trades done on mobile app will be eligible for the prize pool. 

  • A full day tracking of entries will start at 0:00am to 11:59pm (UTC).

  • Sub-accounts will not be counted as individual accounts.

  • Rewards distribution: BNB rewards will be distributed daily and will use the BNB/USDT price at the time of distribution.

  • Binance reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activity or Activity Rules at our sole discretion. 

Risk warning: Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Binance is not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential losses as a result of the trading competition. Please make your investments with caution.