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Meet the Speakers for the Binance Summit: Blockchain Applied


The upcoming Binance Summit on November 10 will feature innovators and leaders in the blockchain applications space. Get to know more about these speakers in this article.

Binance Summit: Blockchain Applied is shaping up to be an event that convenes the movers and shakers of the blockchain industry, from developers and engineers to leaders, founders, and influencers. Watch them all share their thoughts in an ever-evolving blockchain landscape on November 10, 2020, starting at 11:00 AM (UTC). 


Here are just some of the things that are in store for you when you register for the Binance Summit now. 

  • Valuable insights and first-hand information from blockchain app BUIDLers and leaders. 

  • The latest information on earning passive income via crypto apps and solutions.

  • Important discussions on blockchain-related issues such as security and risks.

  • A comprehensive workshop on how to build on BNB Smart Chain.

  • And many more...

Program and Speaker Lineup

The upcoming Binance Summit features several substantial discussions, workshops, and announcements that advance the general discourse on blockchain technology.

Announcement from CZ

As with previous events, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) addresses the event attendees with a message and some announcements of his own. It usually involves something newsworthy, so watch out for that. He’ll also be open to address the questions that the crypto community may bring up during his part of the program.

Panel 1: Innovations in Blockchain Applications

  • Esteban Ordano (Co-founder, Decentraland Foundation)

  • John Crain (CEO, SuperRare)

  • Sanja Kon (CEO, UTrust)

  • Kristina Lucrezia Corner (Managing Editor, CoinTelegraph) - Moderator

From enterprise solutions to user-focused segments such as digital art and gaming, blockchain has expanded into several industries. Get an informed overview of the current and future trends on blockchain development and use.

Panel 2: Blockchain Security Issues & Challenges Today

  • Alice Henshaw (Blockchain Security Researcher, Open Zeppelin)

  • Caleb Lau (Software Engineer, Etherscan)

  • Daryl Hok (COO, Certik)

  • Leo Cheng (Advisor, C.R.E.A.M. Finance)

  • Matt Marx (Co-Founder, Phishfort) - Moderator

Security is one of the most important topics in blockchain, and as many applications are created everyday, the need to make these platforms safe for everyone keeps on skyrocketing. Learn from these mavens about staying on top of everything when it comes to keeping your funds and data safe.


Panel 3: Rewards & Risks for Smart Contracts & dApps

  • Ryan Fang (Burgerswap)

  • Sajida Zouarhi (Blockchain Engineer, CryptoPermaculture)

  • Vincent Niu (VP of Product, CoinMarketCap)

  • Scott Moore - Co-Founder, Gitcoin) - Moderator

Smart contracts and dApps make it possible for several use cases of blockchain to emerge. Hence, it pays to understand these building blocks of future technology at an elevated level, facilitated by some of the well-regarded veterans in blockchain. 

Workshop 1: Invest and Make Passive Income With Crypto

  • Ankitt Gaur (Founder & CEO, EasyFi)

  • Samsul Karim (Business and Ecosystem Development, Binance Bridge)

  • Viktor Radchenko (Founder, Trust Wallet)

The rise of blockchain has introduced new ways for people to grow their assets through groundbreaking products that reinvent our concept of financial service. Get earning tips from the frontliners in the fast-moving decentralized finance (DeFi) world.

Workshop 2: Benefits of Building on BNB Smart Chain

  • Aleksey Studnev (Technical Director, Bitquery)

  • Tim Dierckxsens (Co-Founder, Arkane Network)

We’re saving perhaps the best for last. Learn the benefits of using BNB Smart Chian for your crypto apps. Hear it straight from the leaders of Arkane Network and Bitquery, two of the pioneer blockchain startups on BNB Smart Chain and now beneficiaries of our $100 million Accelerator Fund.

Messages from Our Sponsors

We’d like to acknowledge EasyFi, Ocean Protocol, and UTrust for sponsoring our event. Stay tuned for important messages from these companies’ representatives in the event: 

  • Ankitt Gaur (Founder & CEO, EasyFi)

  • Bruce Pon (Founder, Ocean Protocol)

  • Sanja Kon (CEO, UTrust)

For more information about the event, check out the Binance Summit website, where you can register for the event as well.