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Liquid Swap 4.0: Behind The New Look And Feel


Noticed some updates to Liquid Swap? We gave it a fresh new look to make it even easier for you to earn rewards in exchange for providing liquidity. Let’s take a look at the new interface and see what’s changed.  

Earlier this month, we rolled out a major update to Liquid Swap, our fourth since the product’s original launch in September 2020. With each major update, we’ve introduced popular features like tripled liquidity rewards and enhanced BNB rewards, as part of our roadmap to rapidly increase earning opportunities and liquidity rewards for users.  

Same great features. Now more usable. 

With Liquid Swap 4.0, we’ve reimagined the interface to make the features you need more convenient and accessible, in addition to a few under-the-hood improvements to further boost your rewards. Find out what’s changed in our latest update. 

What’s new in Liquid Swap 4.0? 

  • Optimized User Interface: Enjoy a more streamlined user interface focused on delivering greater ease-of-use. Use our new search bar to find the right liquidity pool for you and filter by Annual Percentage Yield (APY), Volume and Liquidity to easily compare different pools.  

  • 50+ Liquidity Pools: Put your favorite altcoins to work with over a dozen new pools to choose from. 

New Features To Come: Liquid Swap 4.0 provides the foundation for some new upcoming features like pools with multiple token rewards, hourly rewards claim and better ways to visualize your rewards. These features will gradually get rolled out to users in the coming months.

Maximize your rewards. Boost your earnings with Liquid Swap. 

Since August 2020, Liquid Swap has distributed over 11,570,000 USDT in rewards, paying millions to users. With 20+ tokens and 50+ pools to choose from, users get to choose how they want to earn. In the two months since we introduced enhanced BNB rewards in Liquid Swap 3.0, we’ve already distributed ~25,640 BNB, with 33+ BNB distributed every minute. That’s right, we’ve paid the equivalent of 8,680,000+ USDT to users at the time of writing. 

Why you should choose Liquid Swap

  • Everyday low fees for Swap function: Less transaction fees, zero gas fees and zero management fees. Liquid Swap users pay just 0.06%~0.1% fees for each transaction. So the next time you make a $1,000 transaction, pay less or up to $1 in fees. In addition, there are no gas or admin fees. 

  • Low Slippage for Swap users: Get what you trade for, with real time rates when you swap tokens. In fact, most transactions have 0% slippage due to improved liquidity boost. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself

  • Safe and Secure as a Liquidity provider (LP): Liquid Swap offers stable and attractive rewards in BNB.  

Start earning today with Liquid Swap

Looking for a way to earn passive income on your crypto assets? Give Liquid Swap a try today. 

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