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Let the Bitcoin Treasure Hunt Begin: 1 Article, 4 Wallets, $1,000 in BTC Up For Grabs!


The Binance Academy team has recently published What Is Bitcoin? - an educational article that has everything you need to know about Bitcoin. Their article is an excellent source of knowledge for both newcomers and bear-market hardened veterans alike, and because Bitcoin truly matters to us, we want you all to read it. To make it a bit more interesting, we have prepared a treasure hunt where you can win some satoshis while learning about Bitcoin.

We have hidden four sets of 12-word seed phrases across the text. The recovery words are spread all over the page, and some might be easier to find than the others (we recommend you use your computer for this). To recover the wallet, you need to enter the words in the specific order. Because it's impossible to guess the correct order of the recovery words, we hid that in the clues also. 

These four sets of 12-word seed phrases are your direct access to four different Bitcoin wallets. Each of these wallets contains 2,875,000 satoshis, which are forever yours if you manage to gather all the clues. In total, there are 11,500,000 satoshis for grabs, equal to $1000 at the time of the release of this article.

Here are the four wallets with satoshis waiting for the fastest hunters:

  1. Wallet One

  2. Wallet Two

  3. Wallet Three

  4. Wallet Four

Do I have to be a Binance user to participate in the treasure hunt?

No, the Bitcoin treasure hunt is open to everyone who reads the article. The treasure hunt is completely private and anonymous, and therefore anyone can win, although we would appreciate it if you join Binance and spread the word to your friends and family. 

How do I recover the wallet?

Once you found all the 12 recovery words and their specific order, you can simply recover the wallet through Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet is a private, non-custodial wallet, that is secure and easy to use. Immediately after you recover the wallet, move the bitcoins out of the wallet into your private account, to prevent other participants from accessing your prize. 

Please follow this guide to learn how to recover a wallet using a 12-word recovery phrase.

When does the Bitcoin treasure hunt end?

This treasure hunt is not time-limited, and we will leave the bitcoins in the four wallets until you recover all of them. 

So what are you waiting for? Let's hunt!