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Join Us at the Binance MasterClass for Africa


The Binance community in Africa is launching a Binance Masterclass on May 30, 2020, at 4 PM WAT (5 PM SAST). Whether you’re on lockdown or not, you now have the opportunity to learn about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused job losses for millions around the world, and many economists forecast an upcoming global recession.  These challenges present an opportunity to learn a new method of making an income - through cryptocurrency.

This masterclass could not have come at a better time given the current dynamics in the local and international financial markets. The interest to know what cryptocurrencies and crypto trading are is higher than ever. This event is targeted at helping you understand the fundamentals of crypto, how to identify scams, and more advanced concepts around Spot, Margin, and Futures Trading as you get started on your crypto journey.

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What’s the Lesson Plan?

The MasterClass is composed of two parts: 

Bitcoin and Blockchain Fundamentals. Understand the basics and purpose of Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other related topics. Before you learn to engage in business with these technologies and assets, it pays to fully comprehend how they work and what makes them the components of the upcoming financial revolution.

Understanding Market Psychology. In cryptocurrency trading, as in the case of trading other assets, you gain an inherent advantage when you are keen on observing how the rest of the market behaves in any possible situation. Study the patterns, scenarios, rules, and exceptions behind some of the fundamental laws of market psychology, and learn to apply these principles when you trade tokens on Binance.

Who Are the Facilitators?

During the upcoming Binance Online Masterclass, you’ll have three facilitators:

Emmanuel Babalola represents Binance Nigeria and Leads business growth in the region for the exchange. A cryptocurrency trader and educator since 2016, Emmanuel has had extensive experience in crypto and other cutting-edge technologies, his previous roles as an ambassador for a top block producer on EOS, as well as co-founder of blockchain charity project He also co-founded by Think A.I (Seychelles), which built an Augmented Intelligence platform SaaS app that brings intelligently analyzed data to a trader using automation and decentralized strategy sharing.

Chris Ani is gracing our masterclass as a special guest mentor. An author, teacher, Bitcoin entrepreneur, cryptocurrency trader and investor, and blockchain technology evangelist, Chris is the founder and CEO of, a group of Bitcoin and blockchain technology advocates that educate people on how blockchain will drive global economic revolution and social change. 

Tanya Knowles leads Binance South Africa and explores ways for Binance to grow in the country. She completed the MIT Sloan Blockchain Technology Certification program in 2018 and served as chairperson of the South African Financial Blockchain Consortium and South African Ambassador for the Global Blockchain Business Council. She’s also a current faculty member at Singularity University. Her expertise in both the blockchain and education fields makes her a uniquely qualified facilitator for this masterclass.

Learn and Win at the Same Time

To further engage attendees during this event, ten new users stand the chance to win $10 each! To qualify, register with this link below and make your first deposit (of any amount): 

In addition, 15 people will also get a chance to win $10 each during the event Q&A session.

Register now for the Binance Online MasterClass! 

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