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Join Our Telegram Group, Win Exclusive Items!


Being part of the Binance community on Telegram is a rewarding experience, with our new Telegram promo, where you can win exclusive Binance-branded items such as Ledger Nano-S hard wallets, hoodies, and t-shirts! Here’s how:

1. Join our Binance English Telegram community on or before February 11 (if you haven’t already) and be an active participant (minimum of 3 messages/day) for at least 3 days! We’re giving away one Ledger Nano-S hard wallet to one lucky draw winner, selected among active participants.

2. Win points by chatting in the group! The Binance community bot will randomly assign points to users talking in the chat. At the end of the competition, prizes will be awarded:

Top scorer: Ledger Nano-S hard wallet + Hoodie

2nd to 5th highest scorers: Ledger Nano-S hard wallet

6th to 8th highest scorers: Hoodie

9th to 10th highest scorers: T-shirt

Promo runs from February 5 (12:00 UTC) to February 19, 2019 (00:00 UTC). Winners will be announced during a live-streamed raffle on February 25, 2019.

Promo Terms

* Please comply with all the rules and regulations of the Binance English Telegram group. Being muted due to violations will reset your current points to 0.

* Anyone who is actively spamming will be immediately disqualified.

* User input will be reviewed during the lucky draw. If a member selected in the draw is assessed to have sent spam messages and other low-quality content (single letters/words unrelated to the ongoing discussion, as well as random GIFs, links, stickers, and other media), then that member is disqualified, and another draw ensues.

* Rewards will be distributed within 25 working days after the raffle.

Bonus Promo

We’re also giving away one Binance-branded Ledger Nano-S hard wallet to a lucky winner who retweets the original tweet for this promo. Follow us on Twitter for more details.