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I Travelled Around Australia Using Crypto, Thanks to TravelbyBit


With TravelbyBit, everyone can travel around the world using crypto. In fact, that’s what Lucia, a Binancian from Italy, did for her vacation in Australia. Here’s her story. 

Written by Lucia Quaglia, Italy community manager for Binance

I just landed back in Italy from my awesome six-day tour in Australia.  And the first thing I did after I landed was to write about it because it was such an amazing experience. I was traveling solo, visiting three cities -- Brisbane, Townsville, and Sydney -- and spending 2 nights in each city. This was all made possible through TravelbyBit, which allowed me to go around Australia using my Bitcoin, BNB, and other cryptocurrencies.

I actually considered not pushing through with this trip. I was supposed to go with a friend, but she wasn’t able to come along because she got very sick. I had my doubts about continuing the trip, but the convenient experience I had with booking my trip using TravelbyBit made this decision easier. It ended up being the best decision in my life so far. (and I did bring home some souvenirs for my friend, so everybody’s happy.)

Australia is a beautiful country that suits my soul, with plenty of natural sights and easygoing, chill friends I met along the way. And during the trip, I was happy to find out that Australia is also crypto-friendly. For a crypto-lover like me, this is a very important thing. I exchanged cash at the airport just because I am used to doing so when I travel. But when I go out of security controls, I immediately realized I shouldn’t have, because they accept crypto as payment for my breakfast! 

Actually, I should have thought of that from the get-go. Through TravelbyBit, I was able to pay for my travel bookings and hotels with crypto. My friend and I intended to go to Australia, partly to meet fellow crypto enthusiasts and attend some crypto-related conferences. Usually, I am good at connecting the dots but that time I missed it. Sometimes, it can be easy to miss just how many lives already changed for the better because of crypto.

Now, I want to share my experience so that when you decide to travel to Australia, you can enjoy the crypto-friendly experience and feel free to avoid changing your money. Paying with crypto is faster and more efficient, and it allows you to save on the exchange rate fees.

All you need is a mobile wallet, such as the Trust Wallet, which can be set up on your smartphone quickly and easily (see this tutorial for more information). The merchant will present you with a QR code, which you then simply scan using your mobile wallet and hit send! With hundreds of merchants to choose from all around Australia, there’s certainly no shortage of options when it comes to traveling using nothing but crypto.

Through crypto, I was able to pay for not just my travel and accommodation to Australia, but also my food and drinks. Australia is a very crypto-friendly country and I hope next time I come there, with the quick crypto adoption happening there, I think I will be able to pay for my ferry boat trip with crypto. So far the ferry boat has been the place where I had the best pictures.

I’ll make it a point to visit more crypto-friendly countries soon. I’ll share some more photos of these trips soon. Like me, you can use crypto to book for your travels via TravelbyBit. Book a trip now!

For those who don’t have crypto or want to collect more, they can also pay TravelbyBit with a credit card and earn some rewards in crypto. TravelbyBit can price match most airline sites, and because they are a license global travel agency, they get a commission from the airlines and hotels which they share back with their users in the form of Bitcoin. They store this Bitcoin for the new user and make it easy for anyone to get into crypto. If you have friends who you would like to introduce to crypto, an easy way is to get some for free by booking your holidays with TravelbyBit!