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How To Claim Your Trust Wallet Token (TWT) Airdrop On Binance


Binance just executed the largest Trust Wallet Token (TWT) airdrop in history, worth millions of dollars based on the market price at the time of execution. 

The airdrop was sent to every Binance user that completed a spot, margin or futures trade between 2020/12/14 0:00 UTC to 2020/12/21 0:00 UTC.

Were you one of the lucky recipients of the TWT airdrop? Click here to check your spot wallet and see

How to claim your TWT

If you received the TWT airdrop, the TWT will be in your Binance spot wallet now. TWT is not listed for trading on Binance, so to use your tokens you must withdraw to a wallet that supports BNB Smart Chain. You must claim your airdrop by January 5th 2021 00:00AM UTC, or the tokens will be lost.

You can use Trust Wallet to store your TWT. Click here to download Trust Wallet.

How to withdraw your TWT

First, go to your Binance spot wallet. In the search bar, type TWT. Click withdraw.

On your mobile phone, open Trust Wallet and find your Smart Chain address by selecting Smart Chain and then ‘Copy’. If this is your first time using Trust Wallet, this video will help. 

On Binance, select BNB Smart Chain (BSC) and paste your Smart Chain address into Binance.

Enter the amount you want to withdraw.

Click submit. Once your withdrawal request has been received, your funds will show up in your wallet shortly. Congratulations!

You can learn more about TWT on the Trust Wallet community site, including how to vote with TWT, how to trade TWT and more. 

The article has been edited on June 27, 2022.