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Get Up To 45% APY with Binance Liquid Swap


One month since its launch, Binance Liquid Swap is offering users a more rewarding experience with yields of up to 45% APY.

It’s been a month since we introduced Binance Liquid Swap, and thanks to your support, the platform now hosts more than 128 million USD worth of stablecoins, as of October 3. 

To further enhance your crypto pooling experience, in the coming days, Binance Liquid Swap will give up to 45% in APY (annual percentage yield) to users who pool their stablecoins on the platform. Regularly check this page for updated yields, and make the most out of this opportunity. For more details about this update, read the FAQ below:

Where does the increase in APY come from?

Liquidity providers on BNB Smart Chain receive a share of the income from fees earned through pool transactions. They also receive flexible savings interest for their funds. For this boost in APYs, we will increase the flexible savings interest of the liquidity pools, and we intend to keep the high daily APY in the next few weeks.

How is the flexible savings interest calculated? 

Every 00:00 (UTC) of each day, we calculate the interest-bearing principal by getting the current balance for a certain asset in the token pool, subtracted by the amount added in yesterday, then increased the amount redeemed yesterday. We also take into account the flexible savings interest rate of the token pool from the previous day.

Why are the 7-day APY rates currently displayed as 15% instead of 45% on your page?

The system uses the change in the value of shares over the last seven days to calculate the 7-day APY. We will start increasing the flexible savings interest for the pools on October 3, and the first reward from this boosted rate will be distributed starting October 4, 01:00 (UTC). 

Given the calculation logic of the 7-day APY, you will not immediately see the higher APY on the first day, but it will increase every day until it reaches as high as 45% after 7 days.

What will be the expected APY for each liquidity pool?

Once the increases are set, users can expect to see 45% APY on the BUSD/DAI pool. The BUSD/USDT, USDT/DAI, and USDC/USDT pools will each see an increase to 25% APY.

What are the other advantages of Binance Liquid Swap?

Here are some more advantages of Binance Liquid Swap, aside from its high yields:

  • Zero gas and admin fees, a big advantage over similar products.

  • A low transaction fee rate of 0.04%.

  • Low slippage, ensuring that the rate you see when you swap is as close as possible to what you get.

  • Safety and security within the world’s biggest exchange.

The increase in APYs for Binance Liquid Swap is the latest in a continuous lineup of updates for the platform. When the pool product launched, it featured three stablecoins and three liquidity pairs. Since then, the product has:

  • Launched support for API users.

  • Listed USDC as its fourth stablecoin.

  • Added USDC/USDT as its fourth liquidity pair.

With Binance Liquidity Pool, you can harness the power of an automated market maker (AMM) pool product you can get stable prices and lower fees for every instant swap you make across our four liquid trading pairs.

Stay tuned for more updates from Binance Liquid Pool in the coming days.