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Discover the First 6 Projects from Binance’s $100M Accelerator Fund


Last month, Binance committed to fostering innovation within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem by establishing a $100 million USD accelerator fund for developers to build blockchain projects on BNB Smart Chain. Today, we’re proud to reveal the inaugural class of projects from one of the largest seed funds within the DeFi space. 

Join us in celebrating AnySwap, Arkane Network, BakerySwap, Bitquery, PancakeSwap and Proxima, for being a part of this year’s inaugural class of winners from our $100M accelerator fund. The projects were awarded a total of $350,000 in funds as well as access to comprehensive resources within the Binance ecosystem. 

All told, we received applications from over 180 projects, and nominated six projects in total, with the winners selected based on a combination of factors, including: overall vision, team and product viability, execution ability, and contribution to the overall blockchain ecosystem. 

The first round of projects capitalize on several different use-case scenarios, which highlights the scope and variety of applications within the DeFi space. Projects range from AMMs (Automatic Market Makers) and data platforms to gaming solutions. 

BNB Smart Chain continues to bridge centralized finance, or CeFi, with the fast-growing world of DeFi. Other Binance-led innovations include the Token Canal project, which allows developers to connect BNB Smart Chain to other blockchains, enabling the transfer of network tokens both to and from our blockchain. 

Together, let’s accelerate the development of blockchain technology and provide users worldwide with greater levels of financial freedom and opportunities. 

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