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Bitcoin (BTC) Breaks All-Time High on Binance


Bitcoin (BTC) Breaks Records, Sets New All-Time High

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Nearly three years since its previous peak, Bitcoin (BTC) has finally reached a new all-time high today, hitting $19,881.56 on Binance and capping a bullish month that’s one for the record books. 

All eyes are on Bitcoin entering December as interest in cryptocurrency continues to grow, buoyed by a variety of factors, including recent economic headwinds, growing institutional interest, and support from high-profile figures within the technology and finance sectors. 

Bitcoin is big news once again, and the rally continues as the markets react to this development. For those who have been paying close attention, this recent development may come as no surprise: In previous weeks, the number of active Bitcoin addresses peaked as well. In addition, Binance has also experienced record-breaking trading volumes as of last Wednesday, suggesting wider demand from institutional and retail users for cryptocurrency. 

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