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Binance X Newsletter | First Issue for 2020


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Daily Wallet is now a part of Valiu

Valiu, a remittance YC startup, is adopting Daily Wallet. Leveraging crypto, Valiu enables thousands of Venezuelan migrants, mostly unbanked in Colombia, to send money quickly and safely to Venezuela via more than 20,000 corner shops.

HOPR releases Local and Public Testnet

HOPR is a privacy-preserving messaging protocol that incentivizes users to participate in the network via running relay nodes. Check out their code and documentation on github. Join their TG group for support and feedback.

Buidler launches Solidity stack trace and console.log for contracts

Buidler is a task runner for Ethereum smart contract developers. It now includes a full implementation of Solidity stack traces and console.log (that work even in mainnet and failing transactions) in the first fully-featured ganache alternative.

Antalla releases version 1.0

Antalla is a market data aggregator, populating normalized data from different exchanges for data analysis and visualization. Antalla currently supports, HitBTC, Coinbase Pro and IDEX. Check out the project and contribute here.

SneakrCred launches on OpenSea

SneakrCred is a digital sneaker project. It issues ERC721 and ERC1155 based Sneaker tokens to merge sneaker and gaming culture with the blockchain technology. Influence your ideas into Sneakr token design here.

Snappy presented at the prestigious NDSS Symposium

Snappy is a novel solution that enables recipients, like merchants, to accept fast payments safely.  It performs decentralized collateral management, fast payment approvals, and trustless dispute resolution. Merchants can accept payments even before the corresponding transactions are finalized on the blockchain.

Any.sender launches non-custodial service for transaction infrastructure

Any.sender is a general-purpose transaction relayer that guarantee transactions are accepted in the Ethereum blockchain by a deadline. As the first financially accountable API, the smart contract can be used to force any.sender to compensate the customer promptly, or the security deposit is slashed. 

Two-way pegs on BNB Chain: BEP3 and beyond

We would like to highlight an article, written by Binance X Fellow, Albert Acebrón, with a discussion on two-way peg systems, featuring an in-depth analysis of BEP3, its trustlessness, environment, and further improvements.

SmartBNB launches testnet

SmartBNB enables interoperability between the BNB Chain and the NEO blockchain. It ports BNB Chain tokens to the NEO blockchain to interact with smart contracts there. A smart contract on NEO acts as a bridge and handles proof verification, collateralization, and tokenization

One more thing:

Smart contracts will be supported on the BNB Chain (former B ( soon.  For those who are interested in reaching out to discuss, please fill out this form: