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Binance X Invites You to the Gitcoin Grants Round 8 Hackathon


Following Binance’s $100,000 donation pledge to Gitcoin last month, Binance X is taking part in the Gitcoin Grants Round 8 Hackathon as the event’s sponsor.

Binance X is offering $60,000 in cash prizes for the hackathon, which now accepts submissions for projects built on BNB Smart Chain (BSC). This hackathon, which runs from December 3 to 17, seeks to enrich the blockchain ecosystem in general with innovations that use BSC to offer compelling solutions. For more details, go to this page.

There will be four tiers for winning participants: three teams for First Prize, 7 teams for Second Prize, 15 teams for Third Prize, and 60 teams for Honorable Mention. Each winning team will have different BUSD funds, limited edition NFTs, Binance swag, BSC gas credits, and more. In addition, our event partners and Tenderly are offering additional prizes such as pro-developer licenses and team packages. 

Other highlights for the hackathon include the following

  • “Making the Move from Ethereum to BNB Smart Chain,” a workshop that will show how to set up your development environment for BSC using familiar tools from Ethereum. Hosted by Joe Nance of Binance X, this workshop is scheduled for December 7, 9 PM EST, and will be exclusive to hackathon participants.

  • A BNB Smart Chain trivia game show, which will happen on December 22 and will be livestreamed, offers teams a chance to win extra cash prizes and is open for participation by all teams that make valid submissions to Binance X during the hackathon.

The hackathon ends on December 17, and submissions are accepted up until then. Judging of entries will start on December 18, and the winners will be announced on December 30. 

Go to this page for the official onboarding process for the hackathon. Also, join our developer community for BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain.

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