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Binance Widget Program, One Month After: Millions Transacted, Dozens of Websites Earning With Us


Since its launch last March, the Binance Widget Program has allowed websites to host crypto purchases powered by Binance. These websites benefit from adding more features on their platforms and taking a share of the fees earned from the transactions done through the Binance Widget.

The Binance Widget is an important part of our open platform strategy of powering crypto transaction channels of numerous forms and sizes around the world. For the Binance Widget Program, we collaborate with media outlets, influencers, and notable brokers to drive crypto adoption and offer an easy way for people to buy crypto. Our allies in the program are able to leverage Binance’s brand as a global leader in crypto for our mutual benefit, while we spread out our services to more platforms than we could have reached just by ourselves.

Early Results for the Earliest of Adopters

We’re happy to share that the Binance Widget has driven a significant volume of transactions in just its first month, special thanks to the Binance Widget Program’s early adopters. In less than 30 days since the program launched, we have onboarded 54 platforms, including media outlets, market data platforms, crypto wallets, and more. 

We collaborated with Brave Software, the maker of the Brave browser, when we launched the Binance Widget. Other early adopters of the program include notable names in the world of crypto, such as CryptoPotato, CryptoSlate, Kriptoteknik (Turkey), (Poland), Ethereumworldnews, Zelaapay, and more. 

“We believe that by giving our users easy access to buying crypto with the Binance widget, it will help further drive the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide.” One of our partners said about the program.

These early adopters have helped facilitate a total of 3.3 million USD in crypto transactions during the first month of the program, with daily volumes reaching as high as 550,000 USD.

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The Binance Widget Experience

The process of putting a Binance Widget on your website is easy. The widget itself can be easily integrated into your website. Little to no coding experience is needed to integrate the widget. 

You have two options for integration, and both options can be done in the time it takes for you to order pizza for delivery.  Trust us, we timed it.

  • Binance Widget API. Create a Binance account and sign up on this form. After that, you or your front-end web developer will be able to integrate this widget SDK on your website. Once you are done with that, let us know on this form and that’s it.

  • Binance Widget Wordpress Plugin. This is for websites hosted on Wordpress. Create a Binance account and sign up on this form. Pick the section where you want to put the widget, open the HTML editor, and just copy-paste the code here. After that, let us know on this form and that’s it.

You’re just minutes away from having a rewarding experience through the Binance Widget. How rewarding is this exactly? 

  • Get 40% of the trading fees earned from transactions generated through the Binance Widget on your website. 

  • Earn up to 50% in trading fee rebates from the users you referred to Binance through your widget.

  • No upper limit on bonuses you earn. When more website visitors use your widget, you earn more, no questions asked.

Join the Binance Widget Program now!