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Binance Widget: Buy, Sell, and Trade Crypto Directly on Any Website or Platform


Introducing the Binance Widget

Today we're announcing the latest addition to the Binance suite of products and services: The Binance Widget. The Binance widget is a feature that any website, platform, or browser can integrate and offer to its users. Once integrated, the widget allows users to buy, sell, deposit, and trade crypto assets seamlessly through Binance – without ever leaving the site.

"The Binance widget… reduces user friction to onboard, trade and interact with the Binance ecosystem.” - Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (‘CZ')

The Binance widget is our next offering as part of Binance’s Open Platform initiative, which enables businesses to build with Binance technology and offer unique features to make crypto more accessible to users. In the post below, learn more about becoming a verified Binance Widget partner and how you can earn money from each transaction made on your site via the Binance Widget! 

Turn your website into a profitable business with the Binance Widget Program.

Join the Binance Widget Program and monetize your website

Joining the Binance Widget Program is simple and takes only a few minutes. We do our best to review each application within 24 hours, but the applications are coming in fast, so don’t hesitate and apply now to be one of the first to integrate the Binance Widget.

How to apply:

  1. Carefully read the Binance Widget Program deck, including the rebate rules and FAQ.

  2. Register your Binance account if you don't have one yet and complete the verification.

  3. Complete your application by filling up the signup form and truthfully answer the required questions.

We will contact you upon approval and ,you'll be able to place the Binance Widget SDK on your website and start earning money. 

There are two types of rebates that you can use to generate profit:

  • Buy Crypto Rebate: Earn a 40% share of the transaction fee from each fiat-to-crypto or crypto-to-crypto transaction made via the Binance Widget no matter of the invitor-invitee relationship.

  • Crypto-to-Crypto Trading Rebate: Earn 20% to 50% share of the transaction fee on Spot or Futures trading activity from each new user that registers on via the Binance Widget.

First crypto exchange-browser integration is live: The Brave Browser

In moving closer to our vision of mainstream cryptocurrency adoption, we are excited to integrate the Binance Widget into the privacy-oriented Brave browser, allowing more than 12 million monthly Brave users to easily buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies on each new tab. Brave users can also view deposit addresses and balances on and Binance.US (for US-based users) without ever leaving the browser. 

This unique Binance Widget integration into the Brave browser is the first exchange-browser integration of its kind, and creates an exemplary vision for future Binance Widget Program partners. You can find more details about the Brave integration in the official press release.

Turn your website into a profitable business with the Binance Widget Program and let us know what you think on Twitter!