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Binance Welcomes IBM Executive and Entrepreneur as New Vice President for Asia-Pacific


Binance, the world's leading cryptocurrency trading platform, has announced that it appointed Lu Mai, the former head of the IBM Asia-Pacific technical rescue & services team, as new vice president, responsible for Binance’s many businesses in the Asia-Pacific region. Mai will lead the comprehensive development of the Asia-Pacific region for Binance, improving service for the majority of Binance users, and further consolidating and enhancing the influence of Binance in the industry.

Mai graduated from the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University. He is well versed in the development and operation of the technical field and has made considerable achievements in research and development, server system technology and other aspects. He worked at IBM for six years, during which he mainly worked in China and the United States, particularly at the North Carolina Research Center. He held the positions of server engineer, project manager, and technical department manager, and was responsible for forming the IBM Asia-Pacific technical rescue & services team. 

Mai is also an entrepreneur, founding Haowu APP (好物APP, roughly translates to “Good Goods App”) and home brand Nagu. In less than two years, he grew Haowu's user base to more than 2 million and successfully integrated more than 200 factory resources. It is an important supplier. He also led the company in three rounds of financing worth a total of about 30 million Chinese yuan (4.25 million US dollars).

"The blockchain industry is still in the early stages of development, and its potential is immeasurable. As a leader in this industry, Binance must have enough room for imagination in the future, and lead the industry forward," Mai said. "I am very happy to be able to join Binance and hope to work alongside my colleagues to meet new opportunities and challenges.”

Mai also said that he will work with the team to localize the products and services of Binance to better meet the needs of user groups in different regions.

"Lu Mai has great enthusiasm for the blockchain industry and has a dual vision of localization and internationalization. We hope that he can lead the team to continuous improvement and innovation to create a new history in the big family of Binance," Binance co-founder He Yi said. "Lu Mai started his own business and started an internal business in the company. This time Lu Mai still held the entrepreneurial mentality and started again with Binance."