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Binance Weekly Report: New Launchpad Token Sale, CZ’s 4th AMA, Bitcoin-Pegged Token on Binance Chain


Also in this weekly report (June 17 to 23, 2019): Binance Research reports on the new cryptocurrency from Facebook and a survey on institutional crypto investors, Binance Charity donates solar panels to Uganda’s schools, and several new listings were made across the ecosystem.

1. Binance Launchpad, the token sale platform of Binance, announced its next project: Elrond, a sharding-based public blockchain network that is already backed by Binance Labs and several other companies. Learn more about this project through this comprehensive report from Binance Research.

Meanwhile, for the lottery period of the Elrond token sale, of Binance Launchpad will now calculate the average daily BNB holding amount on each account over the holding period. BNB balances will be recorded at a random time each day, over the 9-day period. For more details about the rules and details of the Elrond token sale, consult this infographic below, or read more details here.

2. In more Binance Launchpad news, the platform now lets you participate in token sales through your smartphone's web browser. Just put in on your browser of choice. The new Binance Launchpad for mobile web also lets you access promo pages for new projects, through which you can share your ticket numbers on social media with just one tap. This new mobile web feature is available in six languages (the ticket-sharing function is currently available in English and Chinese).

Meanwhile, the team behind the platform revealed more details about how it operates. Read their recent statement here.

3. Binance launched a Bitcoin-pegged token on Binance Chain. Bitcoin BEP2 (BTCB). This move makes available to Binance DEX traders the many coins that have their own blockchains and aren’t native on Binance Chain. We reserved 9001 BTC and minted 9001 BTCB, and the reserve addresses are published for anyone to audit.

Both Binance and Binance DEX have listed BTCB this past week. Read more details about BTCB on this blog and on the official proposal on the Binance DEX forum.

4. Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao conducted his fourth live ask-me-anything session, during which he addressed several of the community’s questions regarding Binance US, DEX, and IEOs, among many others. Read the full transcript here.

5. Binance Research, the market research and analysis arm of Binance, released a comprehensive report on Libra, Facebook’s first cryptocurrency. This report discussed Libra from a technical and analytical perspective, as well as the potential impacts of this new entrant to the market. Read the full First Look: Libra report.

Meanwhile, Binance Research partnered with Binance Trading, discusses the results of their first-ever joint quarterly poll on institutional and VIP clients. Nearly all participants use stablecoins, while most expect Bitcoin to remain dominant and are skeptical of Facebook, Samsung, or JP Morgan’s crypto forays. Read the full Institutional Market Insights - Q2 2019 report.

6. Binance Charity, the philanthropic arm of Binance, delivered solar panels and school materials to 15 schools in Uganda, funded through more than US$170,000 raised via the first annual Binance Charity Poker Cup. hosted by TronBet. Read this blog for more details about this campaign.

7. Binance’s educational arm Binance Academy offered new content this past week, such as:

- Crypto Wallet Types Explained. Understand the similarities and differences between software, hardware, and paper wallets.

- New additions to the blockchain glossary: algorithm, decryption, resistance, support, and unit of account.- A public service campaign about keeping your crypto-related information private. Avoid becoming a target for hackers, don't brag about your holdings on social media.

8. Binance Chief Growth Officer Ted Lin was interviewed by CoinRivet about Binance’s future plans. “Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a user wanting to try out the latest and the coolest decentralized exchange experience – check out Binance DEX and Binance Chain,” he said during the interview.

9. Speaking of Binance DEX, the community-led decentralized exchange had an eventful week, with the following activities:

- Launched trading airdrops for Mithril, Red Pulse, and HonestMining. The Red Pulse airdrop is still ongoing; click here for mechanics. Meanwhile, here are the mechanics for the HonestMining airdrop.

- Aside from BTCB, listed the following new tokens: Covalent Token (COVA), Contentos (COS), Blockmason Link (BLINK), United Network Distribution (UND), Hut34 Entropy (ENTRP), and Honest (HNST).

10. Binance has listed Algorand, a permissionless, full proof-of-stake blockchain project, and launched six trading pairs: ALGO/BNB, ALGO/BTC, ALGO/USDT, ALGO/TUSD, ALGO/PAX, and ALGO/USDC. To learn more about Algorand, read Binance Research’s in-depth project report here.

11. Binance Jersey, the fiat-to-crypto platform that lets you buy cryptocurrencies using British pounds and Euros, has listed Litecoin, with GBP/LTC and EUR/LTC trading support.

12. Binance Podcast has another great episode. Loretta Joseph, blockchain consultant to the OECD and numerous governments and a pioneer in the digital asset regulatory space, and Jason Hsu, the crypto congressman from Taiwan, join Binance CFO Wei Zhou to talk about crypto regulation. Listen to this podcast here.

13. Binance has announced a new Elite Investor League meetup in Moscow, Russia. This event will be on June 26, 2019. Click here to register.

14. Here’s our recap of the highlights for Binance’s 23rd month.

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