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Binance Weekly Report: New Futures Contracts + Fiat to DEX


In this weekly report (June 29 to July 5, 2020): We have grown our Binance Futures perpetual contract roster to 33, plus you can now buy BNB using fiat on Binance DEX.

Binance Futures and Options Updates

1. NEW PERPETUAL CONTRACTS: COMP/USDT and OMG/USDT. Trading opened on June 30 for the COMP contract, with the OMG contract following on July 2. Users can select between 1-50x leverage for both contracts. You now have 33 perpetual contracts to choose from on Binance Futures.

2. NEW QUARTERLY CONTRACT: BTCUSD Quarterly 1225. Users can select between 1-125x leverage.

3. ONGOING: 200,000 USD Quarterly Futures Trading Contest. Win BNB through trading competitions for BTCUSD quarterly futures, plus lucky draws and daily ROI contests. Promo runs until July 15. Join here! (Also, read this notice on promo details.)

4. The Ins And Outs Of Futures Spread Trading. In this article, we discuss another market neutral strategy that is widely used in traditional futures markets. This strategy is also known as spread trading.

BNB, Fiat, and Stablecoin Updates

5. Buy BNB with fiat now on Binance DEX website. Through a new fiat-to-crypto onramp powered by MoonPay, you can purchase BNB with your local currency in more than 40 countries, using Visa, MasterCard, or Apple Pay.

6. Binance, Tokocrypto list BIDR stablecoin. BIDR is a Binance Chain (BEP-2) stablecoin pegged to the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Trading for BTC/BIDR, ETH/BIDR, BNB/BIDR, BUSD/BIDR, and USDT/BIDR pairs opened on June 30.

7. Binance P2P: Tips to Protect your Bitcoins and Avoid Scams. On Binance P2P, you have the freedom to choose your preferred counterparties and payment methods for your trades, with the crypto assets escrowed by Binance. 

8. Epay service removed as deposit/withdrawal option. Epay deposits for Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) will remain open until July 7, while withdrawal will remain open until July 21.

9. BUSD is now on Hotbit.

From the Binance Team

10. More speakers announced for the Off the Charts Virtual Conference: Akon, Brendan Eich of Brave, Rune Christensen of MakerDAO, Pete DeMeo of IBM, Charles Hoskinson of Cardano, and more! Register now!

11. Binance Sentry reveals new report. Get to know more about Binance Sentry, as well as their work in “Findings on the Prevalence of Online Investment Schemes,” which looks into how these crypto schemes are plotted and combated.

12. What is the Binance Open Platform? We’re looking into the latest updates on our initiative to increase crypto access to all.

13. Binance emoji on Twitter. Type #BNB, #Binance, or #BinanceTurns3 and our emoji will appear.

14. 3 Tips to Protect Your Bitcoin & Crypto Assets. Our Binance Customer Support Team shares some tips on what you should do to safeguard your digital assets from potential attacks. 

15. Binance, Trust Wallet founders on Unitize virtual event. On July 6, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao and Trust Wallet founder Viktor Radchenko talked about building a sustainable ecosystem.

Binance Exchange Updates

16. Binance supports PoS staking, operated by Binance Pool. Binance Staking now features more options and returns with our new support for PoS (Proof of Stake) networks operated by Binance Pool.

17. Bigger miner earnings on Binance Pool. Miner earnings increased by 2.24%, the highest of any top-ranking mining pool, with an average daily increase of 0.32%.

18. New tiered leverage system for Isolated Margin. The new system supports leverage of up to 5x or 10x for certain trading pairs. Available pairs will have different initial risk ratios and liquidation risk ratios for differing effective leverage. 

19. Binance Savings adds ZIL support. The ZIL savings products are available in seven-day, 14-day,  and 30-day, maturity terms.

20. Four new trading pairs: BKRW/BUSD, BKRW/USDT, SC/USDT, and ZEN/USDT. Trading opened on July 6.

21. Supported blockchain activities: the Ontology network upgrade

22. ERC20 YOYOW and NULS token deposits disabled. Only mainnet YOYOW and NULS tokens can be deposited on Binance, starting July 6.

23. Removal of four trading pairs, effective July 3.

Binance Ecosystem Updates

24. partners with Expedia for crypto booking. Through this partnership, Expedia will allow over 700,000 listings to be booked with crypto through Binance-backed

25. WazirX completes its first token burn. About 120,000 USD worth of WRX (833,333 WRX) was burned. Also, from April to June, trading volume for the Binance-backed Indian exchange increased by an average of 66% per month.

26. CoinMarketCap launches DeFi rankings. Now, you can see which are the top DeFi tokens in the market.

27. Binance Chain: Nightingale upgrade. This update is expected to be rolled out on July 9. With this update, you can now create BEP8 tokens for small projects, list and trade BUSD pairs, and more.

28. BEP8 token guides. With the BEP8 token, you can microfinance your blockchain project. Try out BEP8 on testnet now.

29. Binance Smart Chain new testnet updates. Two testnet chains will be launched: Chapel testnet will replace Rialto, while Ganges testnet will replace Kongo. These will launch on July 9.

30. Binance Charity sends 100,000 masks to Japan. Four hospitals in the country benefited from this donation, as part of our Crypto Against COVID campaign.

31. Binance Charity sends protective suits and masks to Spain. We donated 15,000 protective suits and 31,200 KN95 masks to hospitals in the country.

32. Binance Smart Chain API endpoint by ANKR. This endpoint from one of the projects listed on Binance DEX allows developers to build on Binance Chain.

33. Binance China Blockchain Institute gets new state-owned partner. The institute will work with state-owned Zhongshang Beidou to drive supply chain innovation and application using blockchain technology

34. Binance Academy’s newest articles

* A Guide to Crypto Collectibles and Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). We discuss a type of cryptographic token on a blockchain that represents a unique asset. 

* A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Cryptocurrency. This article will explain what you need to know before you start day trading crypto.

* What is End-to-End Encryption (E2EE)?. E2EE encrypts communications between receiver and sender such that they’re the only parties that can decrypt the data. 

35. Binance Research’s latest report: “What Does Data Say About TRON?,” a data-driven dive into the TRON ecosystem.

36. Binance Podcast’s newest episode: Journey from Tencent to SafePal and Building the Best Wallet, with SafePal founder and CEO Veronica Wong.

Promos and Community

37. ONGOING: #BinanceTurns3 NFT Promo. Complete social media tasks to get a limited-edition NFT to celebrate our third anniversary. Promo runs until July 7.

38. ONGOING: 380,000 VITE trading promo. Prizes await for top traders on spot and futures. There’s also a prize pool of 5,000 USDT in Binance Futures vouchers. Promo runs until July 10.

39. ONGOING: 90,000 PHP Bounty Program. For our promo for the Filipino community, we’re giving away BNB to people who complete certain tasks. Promo runs until July 15.

40. ONGOING: 50,000-USD CHR trading promo. Take advantage of trading fee discounts and the chance to trade your way into the prize pool. Promo ends July 8.

41. ONGOING: Binance.US, Enjin partner for coin collectibles. They minted a series of exclusive collectibles to celebrate Independence Day in the U.S. 

42. DONE (with extension): Cashback promo for Visa card crypto purchases. Promo was extended by one more day to June 30. 

43. DONE: KAVA trading activity. Promo ended on July 1. Congratulations to the sole winner of a Tesla Cybertruck.

44. DONE: ONT trading activity. Promo ended on July 6. Congratulations to three winners of bonus ONT tokens.

45. DONE: Binance.US Learn & Earn with Enjin. We gave away 12,000 USD in ENJ for this campaign. Promo ended on July 5.

46. DONE: Binance Russian Webinar on trading psychology (July 1).

47. DONE: Binance Spanish Webinar on trading (July 2).

48. DONE: Binance Indian Webinar on Binance P2P (July 4).

49. Vote for your favorite crypto influencer! Here are the nominees for Global, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, and North America.

50. Thanks to @flamzyMarshall for the five songs he created about Binance.

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