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Binance Weekly Report: More Ways to Buy Crypto in Turkey, India, and… Troy?


In this weekly report: New fiat gateways for India and Turkey, plus a revamped buy crypto page, a new Binance Launchpad project, a demo ETH futures product on Binance Futures testnet, and more.

Binance Fiat Updates

1. Binance to open fiat gateway on the world’s 2nd most populous nation. We have acquired WazirX, India's most trusted bitcoin exchange. With this deal, you can buy and sell crypto with Indian rupees (INR) on the Binance Fiat Gateway.

2. Buy and sell crypto on Binance with Turkish lira. We have also partnered with Turkey-based Papara to allow users to soon purchase BNB, BTC, ETH, and XRP on Binance with the country’s currency.

3. Buy and sell crypto page, revamped. Now, it’s even easier to buy Bitcoin and other crypto using various global currencies, with our simpler, faster one-stop-shop.

Binance Futures Updates

4. Test ETH futures on Binance Futures testnet now. The live version will be out soon!

5. Use the Binance Futures Calculator now. Binance Futures has launched a new calculator, making it easier for you to calculate what you need before placing your order.

Binance Exchange Updates

6. Cortex wins Binance Community Coin Vote Round 3. We have listed CTXC and opened the CTXC/BNB, CTXC/BTC, and CTXC/USDT trading pairs. 

Congratulations to the winning crypto project, as well as its voters (who won from the CTXC airdrop), the supporters of the competing project AERGO (who won from a BNB airdrop), and the winners of our Share Your Vote social media promo. 

7. Binance, Bugcrowd launch bug bounty challenge. Sign up for the bug bounty program today and win multiple rewards. The more bugs you smash, the higher your rewards.

8. New trading pairs: MCO/USDT, XLM/BUSD, and ADA/BUSD

9. Binance system upgrade. The update, which was done in just 2 hours, optimized our matching engines.

10. Completed distribution of October 2019 staking rewards for ERD, ONE, FET, and BTT.

11. Support for upcoming AION upgrade and hard fork.

Binance Margin Trading Updates

12. Maximum leverage now up to 5x. Users can now select and set any leverage between 3x and 5x for margin trading.

BNB Chain and DEX Updates

13. BNB Chain sets hardfork upgrade schedule. The upgrade, called Heisenberg, is expected to happen on mainnet on November 28, following its successful launch on testnet. There is also a patch involved.

14. New listing: Trading pair for AVA/BNB has opened.

15. New trading pairs: BCH/BUSD and LTC/TUSD

Binance Ecosystem Updates

16. Binance Launchpad’s next token sale: Troy. The 11th token launch for this year is for this global prime broker specialized in crypto trading and asset management. Ticket claiming period starts December 3.

17. Binance.US partners with Tagomi. Through this collaboration, the fiat partner of Binance in the U.S. will provide liquidity for the cross-exchange trading platform of Tagomi, an institutional investor-focused brokerage.

Binance.US also listed Nano and added the NANO/USD trading pair. To know more about Binance.US, watch their guides on how to find your crypto deposit address and how to withdraw crypto.

18. Binance Research 2.0 launches. We have updated the Binance Research website with an easier-to-navigate interface, categorized content, and more!

Binance Research also published new reports: “Institutional Market Insights - Second Edition.” and reports on cryptocurrencies Aergo, Cortex, and Troy.

19. Binance Academy’s new article: “A Beginner’s Guide to Segregated Witness (SegWit).”

20. Binance Singapore listed Chainlink

21. BUSD to be listed on

Binance Meetups

22. Istanbul, Turkey. November 20, featuring Binance CEO CZ (Changpeng Zhao).

Binance Promos

23. Binance Cyber Monday week sale. Get major fee discounts when you invite more people to Binance or buy crypto through Simplex, Koinal, or Flutterwave. Also, get a chance to win BNB when you buy crypto through Papara or Advcash.

24. Binance.US Black Friday sale. Our US partner also has a promo of its own. Receive up to a 75% discount on trading fees for BNB holders.

25. Various AMAs for Cortex and Aergo. $24,000 worth of CTXC and AERGO tokens in AMAs across 13 communities. (Additional AMAs: PundiX on Binance Italia and TIXL on Trust Wallet.)

26. BNB raffle for the Binance Nigeria community. Get a chance to win up to $50 worth of BNB.

27. MCO trading competition. $100,000 in MCO to give away.

28. TOMO trading competition ends. All rewards (580,000 TOMO) have been distributed.

Binance Team

29. Watch this AMA with Binance.US CEO Catherine Coley

30. Month 28 highlights. Catch up with the latest on Binance during its 28th month of operations.

Fun Corner

Seen: CZ’s weapon of choice for cutting this block of cake.

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