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Binance Weekly Report: Leverages and Online Parties


In this weekly report (May 11 to 17, 2020): We launched Binance Leveraged Tokens and held a global Bitcoin halving party, while CZ held an AMA with the African blockchain community.

1. Introducing Binance Leveraged Tokens (BLVT). We have listed our first pair of Binance leveraged tokens, BTCUP and BTCDOWN, with BTCUP/USDT and BTCDOWN/USDT trading pairs. BTCUP and BTCDOWN will only be available to trade via Binance Spot trading’s advanced interface.

Get to know more about how to use BLTV, as well as how to redeem the tokens. Also, know the risks involved with leveraged tokens.

From the Binance Team

2. Your Essential Guide To Binance Leveraged Tokens. Leveraged tokens continue to attract great demand from users worldwide. As such, Binance has worked towards addressing crucial problems with existing leveraged tokens and launched the Binance Leveraged Tokens (BLVT). 

3. Happy Bitcoin Halving Day! Thank you Binancians for joining us in our global online event for Bitcoin halving. Watch the live stream here: Video 1 | Video 2.

4. CZ AMA: Binance in Africa. In a special AMA for the blockchain community in Africa, our CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) addressed questions from crypto enthusiasts across the continent.

5. Bloomberg interviews CZ on Bitcoin Halving, Quarantine. “In the last few months or so, we’ve seen a large increase in activity both in trading volume and, as a result, in income,” CZ told Bloomberg.

6. How To Borrow Crypto on Binance: Margin or Loans? If you find yourself short on crypto funds, we can lend you some crypto via Binance Margin and Binance Loans. In this article, learn how you can use both, and figure out which borrowing product suits your needs.

7. Binance Broker Program team in an exclusive interview with BTCManager. The team shared the basics as well as what’s next for the program.

8. Binance trading promos impact price dynamics for tokens. This is according to a recent study from ICO Analytics.

9. CoinDesk: Binance freezes funds linked to Upbit breach. CZ confirmed as much on Twitter

Binance Ecosystem Updates

10. Binance invests in Indonesian crypto exchange Tokocrypto. We provided additional funding to the leading regulated cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia, helping it launch new products and services in the region.

11. CoinMarketCap incorporates web traffic factors for exchange rankings. CZ shared this news as a follow-up to his previous call for recommendations for the leading crypto information website.

12. Binance.US launches OTC trading portal. The new OTC portal is a live request for quotation (RFQ) platform in which users will be able to place and confirm orders and receive quick settlement directly into their Binance.US accounts.

13. More updates from Binance.US:

* Listing of two new tokens: MATIC and HBAR.

* New episode of Education 101 Series: A Beginners Guide to Risk Management

14. Binance Charity sends aid to South Africa to combat COVID-19. We sent 15,000 protective suits to the Health Department in the Western Cape & other hospitals in South Africa. Also, 20,000 masks have been ordered to support the fight against the coronavirus.

15. Binance Charity launches a poker tournament to combat COVID-19. The event, hosted by Pioneer Club, featured some of the most well-known names in crypto, and Binance matched all donations made 2:1.

16. Binance Academy publishes four new articles.

* Asset Allocation and Diversification Explained. Asset allocation and diversification are concepts that play a key role in determining risk parameters.

Black Monday and Stock Market Crashes Explained. Black Monday is remembered as the beginning of a global stock market decline. To date, it’s one of the most infamous days in the history of stock markets.

* Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) Explained. The VWAP combines the power of volume with price action to create a practical and easy-to-use indicator.

* What is the Tor Network? Tor (an abbreviation of The Onion Router) is a technology for protecting your online activity from eavesdroppers.

17. Binance Podcast new episode: Why Tokenization Is The Future of Finance, with Amun Co-Founder and President Ophelia Snyder.

Binance Futures and Options Updates

18. Review for Month 8. Binance was the only exchange to report growth in derivatives volume, continuing its growth trend for the third consecutive month. Binance’s derivatives market volume increased by 11.6% in April, to $108 billion, said Binance Futures VP Aaron Gong.

19. Updates to Binance Futures API. We are optimizing the Order API, and the upgrade is estimated to take up to 2 weeks. 

Binance P2P, Fiat, and Stablecoin Updates

20. 8 Reasons Why Binance P2P is the Best Crypto Marketplace for You. Binance P2P is emerging as a great venue for buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies using their local currencies. Find out the many advantages you have when you use Binance P2P. 

21. New BNB Use Case: Get BNB from CoinHere ATMs in Hong Kong & Taiwan. With a minimum amount of 500 Hong Kong dollars, you can buy BNB on CoinHere’s ATMs

22. Bundle supports BUSD. The newly launched social payments app for Africa can now process the buying and selling of BUSD, along with BNB, BTC, and ETH.

Binance Exchange Updates

23. New trading pairs: ARDR/USDT, ERD/BUSD, LEND/USDT, and GXS/USDT.

24. Binance Savings adds ONE, GXS to customizable locked savings. The ONE products are available in 30- and 90-day maturities, while the GXS products are available in seven- 30-, 60-, and 90-day maturities.

25. Binance Savings adds IOTA, ONT to flexible savings. Individual max limits are set at 50,000,000 IOTA and 20,000,000 ONT, respectively.

26. Supported blockchain activity: Bitcoin Cash network upgrade.

27. Removal of trading pairs (see the list here).

28. Suspension of ZAR deposits, withdrawals.

Promos and Community

29. ONGOING: Mine Bitcoin to Win BNB Promo. All users with a level 2 verified Binance account, and maintain an average daily BTC hash rate of over 500TH/s during the activity period, will equally split a prize pool of 1,000 BNB. Promo runs until May 29.

30. ONGOING: Binance.US hoodie promo for Instagram. Follow Binance.US on Instagram and get a chance to win the exclusive hoodie.

31. DONE: Binance.US 0.25% cashback campaign. Promo ended May 17.

32. DONE: DATA trading competition. Congratulations to the winners sharing the prize pool of 3,000,000 DATA.

33. LOOKING FOR: Binance Angels for the Middle East. Apply here.

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