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Binance Visa Card Update


As we continue to improve the Binance Visa Card by adding more features and functionalities, we thank you and the rest of our community for sharing your feedback and innovative ideas so that we can make this happen. Today we launch a few new and highly anticipated features and we will continue to add more to make the experience even better.

Daily Cashback

Nobody likes to wait. That's why we changed the cashback reimbursement into your card wallet from weekly to daily. We will continue to make our Binance cashback program stronger, so stay tuned! More information on the cashback levels can be found in the FAQs

Auto Top-Up

You can now enable Auto Top-Up to make sure that your card’s balance is refilled daily. Just enable the Auto Top-Up function (located at top of the Card Wallet section), then confirm the pop-up message. Auto top-up has 2 settings:

  •     Min. Balance - If your card wallet balance is below the Min Balance, our system will make a transfer from the spot-wallet to the card-wallet

  •     Top-Up Amount - this is the amount in EUR that will be sent to your Card Wallet when Auto Top-Up is triggered

You may track Auto Top-Up transfers in the Wallet Transfers tab, which you can find in the Transactions History.

Daily Spending Limit Increased / Monthly limit removed!

We also raised the daily spending limit on your virtual card to €870. The physical card will have a higher daily limit upon its release in the near future. We have removed the monthly limit so that you can use it as much as you want.

If you still don’t have a Binance Visa Card, you can order yours for free now!