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Binance Review,  Month 29: The Binance Universe is Growing


During Binance’s Month 29 (ended December 15, 2019), we welcomed WazirX and DappReview to the Binance Ecosystem, added ETH futures and several fiat options, and more. 

The Big Story: Ending 2019 with a Growing Blockchain Ecosystem

We’re ending this momentous year in Binance history by acquiring two game-changing blockchain startups and welcoming them into our ecosystem. We have bought DappReview, the world’s leading information and analytics platform for blockchain-based decentralized applications. This shows our commitment to playing a key role in expanding blockchain’s global adoption.

We also welcome WazirX to our platform. With WazirX, India's most trusted bitcoin exchange. With this deal, you can buy and sell crypto with Indian rupees (INR) on the Binance Fiat Gateway. 

WazirX is an important part of our ongoing commitment to make it easier for the whole world to access crypto. While our newest fiat onramp acquisition handles transactions for India, a billion-person nation, we have also entered into several partnerships this past month:

* Partnership with peer-to-peer trading network Paxful for support on Russian Ruble (RUB), Vietnamese Dong (VND), Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), Nigerian Naira (NGN), Colombian Peso (COP), British Pound (GBP), Mexican Peso (MXN), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Euro (EUR), Argentine Peso (ARS), and United States Dollar (USD)

* Partnership with Papara for support on Turkish Lira (TRY)

In the previous month, we added EUR, RUB, NGN, Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH), and Kazakhstani tenge (KZT) on Binance. The new additions, plus previous credit card support for USD, GBP, and EUR, have expanded our fiat-to-crypto support to the following currencies:

We won’t stop until just about every valid currency can be used on Binance. 

Another thing that can’t be stopped is Binance Futures, which has completed its third month with even more momentum, from the launch of new ETHUSD perpetual contracts to its debut on Binance’s iOS app

Get to know more about how much Binance Futures has progressed over the past month through this latest monthly review. Better yet, tell your friends about Binance Futures and earn up to a 20% referral bonus! Also, use BNB on your Futures trading fees to get a 10% discount.

In addition to these updates, we have been working hard to build a lot of new products and features throughout the Binance ecosystem this past month. Read more below!

* * *

Exchange Updates

* New listings: Troy (TROY), Vite (VITE), Cortex (CTXC)


* Total cryptocurrencies listed (as of December 15): 183 (+3 from last month)

* Total trading pairs listed: 591 (+19 new pairs, then -5 pairs from recent removals

* New Margin Trading assets: XTZ, RVN

* New Margin pairs: XTZ/BTC, XTZ/USDT, RVN/BTC, RVN/USDT, 

* Flexible lending products launched: BNB, BTC, BUSD, USDT

* New tokens supported by Binance Staking: XTZ, ATOM

Exchange Tech and Business Updates

* Buy and sell crypto page, revamped. Now, it’s even easier to buy Bitcoin and other crypto using various global currencies, with our simpler, faster one-stop-shop.

* Binance iOS app update. Download the latest iOS App here

* Binance Community Coin Vote, 2 Rounds. Voters chose between Aergo (AERGO) and Cortex (CTXC) for Round 3. Meanwhile, voters chose between COTI (COTI) and VITE (VITE) for Round 4.

* Binance Lending produces, Phase 10: USDT.

* Binance, Bugcrowd launch bug bounty challenge. Sign up for the bug bounty program today and win multiple rewards. So far participants have won over $30,000 grants in total! The more bugs you smash, the higher your rewards.

* Binance system upgrade. The update, which was completed in just 2 hours, optimized our matching engines.

* Support for the following blockchain activities: ETH’s Istanbul upgrade, AION upgrade, ETHBNT airdrop to BNT holders, XMR protocol upgrade, ZEC network update, ATOM network update, ALGO network upgrade.

* Ticker update of BCHABC to BCH

* 24-hour customer support in Korean and Turkish.

* Maximum leverage for Binance Margin now up to 5x. Users can now select and set any leverage between 3x and 5x for margin trading.

* Use the Binance Futures Calculator now. Binance Futures has launched a new calculator, making it easier for you to calculate what you need before placing your order. Binance Futures live liquidation feed is also available via API WebSocket stream.

* Futures API Update. Refer to Binance API Documentation for more details.

* Futures Feature Consolidation. Stop-loss limit orders and take-profit limit orders have been consolidated to "Stop Limit". Stop-loss market orders and take-profit market orders have been consolidated to "Stop Market.”

BNB, Binance DEX, and BNB Chain Updates


* Bloomberg says BNB is the only major cryptocurrency to outperform Bitcoin in 2019. Read the article here. 

BNB Chain and DEX

* BNB Chain’s Heisenberg update completed. This includes substantial performance improvements, changes of constraints about listing transactions, Binance DEX lot size improvement, TSS support, etc.

* BNB Chain, now with AML compliance with CipherTrade.

* Binance DEX supports new languages: Korean, Indonesian, Russian, Turkish, and Vietnamese

* New listings: Troy, Travala. The trading pairs for TROY/BNB has opened. 

* New trading pairs: LTC/BUSD, BCH/BUSD, LTC/TUSD, TROY/BNB, 

* By the numbers: 53,000,000 block height, 41,000,000 transactions, 320,000 addresses, 163 BEP2 tokens, 119 DEX trading pairs, 45,000,000 USD trading volume for November.

For more details about the latest improvements from Binance DEX and BNB Chain, read their latest Monthly Update.

Binance Ecosystem and Partnership Updates

* Binance Launchpad completes Troy token sale. About 76.57% of participants won in the lottery for 10,000,000 TROY tokens.

* Binance.US has revealed the next batch of digital assets it is evaluating (see below), following new listings of NANO, ENJ, and ICX. Our U.S. fiat partner will also provide liquidity for the cross-exchange trading platform of Tagomi, an institutional investor-focused brokerage, through a new partnership

Binance.US also listed Nano and added the NANO/USD trading pair. To know more about Binance.US, watch their guides on how to find your crypto deposit address and how to withdraw crypto.

Binance Research 2.0 launches. We have updated the Binance Research website with an easier-to-navigate interface, categorized content, and more!

Binance Research also published new reports: “Institutional Market Insights - Second Edition,” “Theory and Praxis of DAOs,” and “Global Markets Report for November 2019.” Plus: reports on cryptocurrencies Aergo, Cortex, Troy, COTI, and Vite.

* Binance Academy’s new articles: “A Beginner’s Guide to Segregated Witness (SegWit),” “How Blockchain Technology Will Impact the Banking Industry,” “Blockchain Use Cases: Gaming,” “The Complete Beginner's Guide to Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

* Binance Podcast’s latest episodes: Blitzscaling at Binance with Multicoin Capital’s Kyle Samani, plus minipods on institutional market insights and market reports for October and November, all from Binance Research.

* Binance, TravelbyBit Partner on Crypto-Backed Travel Rewards Card. Load your travel card with BTC, BUSD, BNB, and ONT to book flights and hotels all over the world! Pre-register for the TravelbyBit Travel Card here. Also, learn how to use TravelbyBit through this guide

* Binance Charity’s new campaign: Donate at least 1 BNB until December 24, and get a chance to win a Binance hoodie. A swag package with a thank-you letter from Binance Charity Head Helen Hai awaits the biggest cumulative donor.

Binance Community

Online Activities

* Binance NFT Collectibles: Get them now. Available in HO HO HODL and CRYPTO XMAS, with more to come. Only 1,000 of these NFTs are available.

* Buy an HTC EXODUS 1 - Binance Edition phone and win up to $100 in BNB. 500 lucky individuals who purchase one of the special edition devices will each receive an Early Adopter bonus of $100 USD in BNB. Buy this phone now

* #UseBNB on TravelbyBit to get a 10% discount. Use the discount code TBB10OFF when you book hotels and flights using BNB.

* Binance Cyber Monday week sale. Participants gained major fee discounts when they invite more people to Binance or buy crypto through Simplex, Koinal, or Flutterwave, plus a chance to win BNB for buying crypto through Papara or Advcash.

* Binance.US Black Friday sale. Receive up to 75% discount on trading fees for BNB holders. More details, plus double referral bonuses and zero trading fees, on this blog.

* More promos from Binance.US: Count the BNB to win some BNB! Follow them on Twitter. 

* BNB raffle for the Binance Nigeria community.

* Trading competitions for MCO ($100,000 prize pool) and TOMO (580,000 TOMO)

* Binance Community Coin Vote AMAs: Cortex and Aergo, with $24,000 in CTXC and AERGO tokens across 13 AMAs, plus a related Share Your Vote promo. Also, Coti and Vite with $21,600 in COTI and VITE tokens across 13 AMAs, plus the Share Your Vote promo for that round.

* Binance Launchpad AMAs: Troy, with $13,900 in tokens given across 15 AMAs, plus a #TroyLottery social media promo.

* Other AMAs (see below)

Promos/Projects with AMAs (+Prizes in tokens, etc.)


Tael ($5,000 each), NEXO ($3,000), Atomic Wallet ($1,500)


ONT ($600), Trust Wallet, Share your ETH Position Promo, Dilo En Espanol Promo


Ankr ($500), ZEC ($350), BEAM, Mithril, Binane NGN Pairs Promo


ETH 50x Screenshot Contest

English, Ukrainian, Brazilian, Russian

Binance Pay Day 


Futures Sharing Competition






* Distribution of staking rewards for GAS, ONG, VTHO, KMD, ALGO, QTUM, STRAT, TRX, and WIN staking rewards for November 2019.

Global Activities

November 16: Durban, South Africa

November 20: Istanbul, Turkey. Featuring Binance CEO CZ (Changpeng Zhao).

November 22: Kyiv, Ukraine

November 30: Katowice, Poland

November 30: Douala, Cameroun

December 6: Valencia, Venezuela

December 7: Taipei

December 12-13: LABITCONF 2019 at Montevideo, Uruguay

December 15: Cebu, Philippines

December 16: Hanoi, Vietnam

From the Binance Team

Binance CEO CZ held his latest AMA wearing a Santa hat. He addressed the Binance community about the latest updates from the Binance ecosystem. Watch the full AMA here.

In addition, CZ shared what’s on his book list for the holidays. Read his blog here.

Meanwhile, watch this recent AMA with Binance.US CEO Catherine Coley

Catherine also shared that a new user can be onboarded on Binance.US in under 4 minutes and 11.03 seconds.

Find out why we consider Turkey as a very important crypto nation in this blog. 

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