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Binance Research to Revamp Website, Launch Project Pages Powered by IntoTheBlock


Binance Research, the crypto market research and analysis division of Binance, has entered into a collaboration with IntoTheBlock, one of the leading data providers for machine learning applications to the crypto space. 

Together, they will create enhanced crypto project pages on the Binance Research website, among other upcoming features that Binance Research has lined up for the benefit of crypto traders, analysts, and investors. Specifically, IntoTheBlock is integrating multiple data indicators and interactive content highlighting on-chain metrics, trading, and other social elements.

“We have been in talks with the IntoTheBlock team over the past year and are excited to collaborate with them on sharing additional project insights,” explained a spokesperson of Binance's research team.

IntoTheBlock (ITB) is an intelligence company that uses machine learning and statistical modeling to deliver actionable intelligence for crypto assets. ITB uses machine learning to convert blockchain data into knowledge and use that knowledge to progressively learn to understand and predict the behavior of crypto assets. Binance Research will utilize IntoTheBlock’s indicators and other content, such as:

  • Token overviews

  • On-chain activity like number of transactions, addresses information, and other ownership insights.

  • GitHub development activity

“Binance Research has become one of the premier venues for unique, high-quality research about the crypto space. We feel that the combination of content and analytics provided by Binance Research and IntoTheBlock delivers a unique value proposition to the crypto community. We are excited about achieving this milestone with Binance Research and are looking forward to a continued collaboration,” said IntoTheBlock’s CEO Jesus Rodriguez.

These integrations and enhancements to the Binance Research platform result in a robust platform that provides more quality information on the crypto projects that Binance traders closely follow every day. From high-level information regarding the overall direction of crypto projects to granular data on transaction numbers, addresses, and other minute details, Binance Research seeks to be the information hub for in-depth analysis of major crypto projects.

These upcoming changes for Binance Research represent a natural progression for a platform that has continued to reinvent itself since its start in November 2018. Since then, Binance Research has published 103 major research reports on 61 crypto projects and other timely crypto events (e.g., Libra, China’s DCEP), while continuously improving its user experience, including an update last November 2019 that incorporated more features and functions. 

Binance Research will continue expanding its offering through its coverage of the 200+ projects and tokens listed on Binance. This will complement the analysis reports regularly quoted in mainstream media like Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and other institutions like central banks.

Future development plans include the support of additional languages and the addition of analytical dashboard pages. Binance Research will reveal more details on these progress plans in the future.

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