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Binance Research Releases First Crypto Report Compilation


Binance Research has been churning out quality reports that analyze the crypto industry. Now you can have these reports in one booklet, which also contains new market insights from the research team.

Binance Research, the market analysis arm of global cryptocurrency exchange Binance, has released the first compilation of its comprehensive reports on the crypto industry. Titled “Latest Insights & Analytics,” this booklet covers all industry-level research reports done by Binance Research between March and May 2019, with the notable addition of the team’s insights for the crypto industry for the next few months.

Read Binance Research’s “Latest Insights & Analytics” here.

For this compilation, Binance Research began with a preface that encapsulates an overview of the notable developments regarding blockchain during the past three months. This preface also contains statements on the research team’s expectations on crypto for the next few months.

“The cryptocurrency and digital asset industry will continue to evolve over 2019, with the pace of evolution potentially accelerating even further if market prices decide to hit the gas pedal,” according to Binance Research.

Binance Trading, Binance’s OTC desk, also offered commentary on the crypto trading front, noting that May 2019 was a much more active month in terms of OTC trading.

During the past three months, we saw new vigor in the cryptocurrency industry. The total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies rose from $130 billion on March 1, 2019, to almost $260 billion as of May 31, 2019, representing 100% growth in just three months. Throughout this period, Binance Research covered a wide array of topics, from stablecoins, cryptocurrency correlations, crypto forks and halvings, crypto prediction markets, cryptoasset cycles, and more.

Here are brief summaries of each report covered on the compilation:

- Can JPM Coin Disrupt the Existing Stablecoin Market? Binance Research looks into J.P. Morgan’s stablecoin project and sees its potential to materially impact traditional financial services.

- Are Cryptoassets Highly Correlated? Binance Research identified several patterns on correlations between different cryptocurrency bundles, as well as returns related to the U.S. dollar and Bitcoin.

- Examining the Implications of Monero's Latest Fork. Binance Research thinks the Monero community faces a tradeoff between centralization and increasing risks associated with lower mining contribution as the privacy coin underwent a recent fork.

- A Look at Irregularities Discovered on Augur. Binance Research points out vulnerabilities on decentralized prediction market platform Augur.

- Investigating Cryptoasset Cycles. Binance Research uncovers price co-movement patterns on cryptoassets and projects that the cryptomarket had already bottomed out.

- Litecoin’s 2019 Halving Scenarios. Binance Research analyzes the implications for Litecoin’s future decrease in block rewards, as well as a similar scenario for Bitcoin next year.

- Categorizing Cryptoassets: A Return-Driven Cluster Analysis. Binance Research groups cryptocurrencies into clusters based on their market movement correlations.

- The Evolution of Stablecoins. Binance Research assesses the potential impact that initiatives from Facebook and Samsung will bring to the crypto industry.

Several of these reports are complemented by educational content from Binance Academy. These segments provide an informative discussion on some of the crypto topics covered in the research reports, ensuring that readers of this latest compilation get a full understanding of the analysis being offered in the publication.

In addition, this new compilation includes 8 of the best infographics from Binance Research’s Twitter account, which is increasingly becoming a must-cite channel for major cryptocurrency media outlets. These infographics give a visual representation of the type of in-depth analysis being conducted by Binance Research,

Over the next several months, Binance Research aims to release more reports that cover many of the pressing issues regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

To read the full compilation, click here.

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