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Binance Research 2.0: A Better Way of Staying Informed About the Crypto World


We have updated the Binance Research website as our first step towards incorporating more features and functions to your source of crypto insights and analysis.

One year after we introduced Binance Research to the world, we are proud to announce Binance Research Version 2.0, through which we spearhead a series of updates for Binance’s official hub for professional, data-driven cryptocurrency insights and analysis. 

Since November 2018, when we launched Binance Research, we have written 64 in-depth reports into cryptocurrencies, market trends, and the latest developments in the digital asset and blockchain space. With an ever-expanding library of content, plus an insightful Binance Research Twitter account where more insightful infographics are being shared, we want to showcase our offerings in an even better manner.

You’ll see the following changes on the Binance Research website:

* Full migration to dedicated subdomain. The Binance Research webpage will host all content from our research and analytics arm. With its own subdomain, Binance Research will further enhance its online branding and rank as a top source of cryptocurrency and digital asset market insights.

* Mobile-responsive webpage with better UI. We have enhanced the Binance Research website’s interface to make it load faster and better no matter what mobile device you use. 

* Categorized reports. With its expanding library of research reports, Binance Research has added three categories through which our reports will be sorted: Insight & Analysis (research reports covering a broad range of topics in the digital asset industry), Project Reports (deep-dive reports into a specific project), and Global Markets (comprehensive summaries of monthly developments in the crypto markets).

* Podcasts integrated with certain reports. Binance Research and Binance Trading teams have been working with the Binance Podcast to deliver additional insights to some of our reports. Now, these podcast episodes are integrated into the related reports, further enriching our understanding of the subject matter that Binance Research is presenting.

The newly-launched updates are just the first few steps for Binance Research 2.0. Soon, the team will incorporate several exciting new features along with structural enhancements in the near future. 

Stay tuned for those changes in the coming weeks!