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Binance NFT Marketplace Drop: New “Big Bang” Mystery Boxes From BunnyPark, KAKA, Polkamon, X World Games, My Neighbour Alice, Mobox and Seascape!


Binance NFT is partnering with amazing Binance Smart Chain (BSC) projects to bring you our biggest Mystery Box drop yet, featuring NFTs from seven of your favorite BSC projects. Explore the “Big Bang” Mystery Box collection and be among the first to collect the first drop on Friday, July 9! 

Main takeaways

  • Binance NFT partners with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) projects to deliver the “Big Bang” Mystery Box collection, featuring NFT collectibles from seven popular BSC projects.  

  • Get the first two “Big Bang” Mystery Boxes from BunnyPark and X World Games on July 9 and July 15 respectively. 

  • Stay tuned as we reveal the next “Big Bang” Mystery Box drops in the coming days and weeks! 

We hear you loud and clear: mystery boxes are flying off our digital shelves and selling out in minutes. Thousands of NFT collectors from around the world have scored mystery box collections from tokidoki and OG Esports, and many more are looking forward to new mystery box drops from Return of Legends S1 and NARAKA: HERO, set to release tomorrow, July 8 and July 12 respectively. 

So far, we’ve shared an amazing lineup of mystery box releases, which have captured the attention of the global NFT community. After some record-setting launches, we’re excited to reveal our next batch of mystery box collections: the “Big Bang” Collection, which features NFT collectibles from seven of your favorite Binance Smart Chain (BSC) projects: BunnyPark, KAKA, Polkamon, X World Games, My Neighbour Alice, Mobox and Seascape! 

Binance NFT x Binance Smart Chain presents: The “Big Bang” Mystery Box Collection

We’re proud to bring together the NFT and DeFi communities, and highlight some of the most inventive, in-demand and exciting projects available on BSC.  The first two “Big Bang” drops feature mystery boxes from BunnyPark and X World Games, which launches Friday, July 9 and next Thursday, July 15. 

Unbox ultra-rare NFTs from BunnyPark starting July 9

It’s easy to love BunnyPark’s residents. Forget carrots and lettuce—these bunnies mean business. BunnyPark characters range from bunny astronauts and chefs to musicians and warriors. And for the first time ever, the BunnyPark Mystery Box collection features these iconic characters riding in a fleet of stylish cars.

What’s in the mystery box? 

There are 3 mystery boxes in total: the Luxury Car, Fantasy Car and the ultimate 1 of 1 “Majestic BunnyPark King NFT”, which comes with an epic “BNB Secret Easter Egg” NFT airdrop. The BunnyPark collection drops on July 9, with a limited run of 10,000 mystery boxes. 

Get trading card NFTs from X World Games starting July 15

Explore the X World Games universe, a decentralized gaming ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. These trading card NFTs feature digital, collectible characters that come with unique powers and rarity levels—along with powerful combat attributes and anime-inspired designs. 

What’s in the mystery box? 

The X World Games mystery box collection is your chance to collect NFTs of 4 exclusive characters from the X World Games universe: Adaira, Smego, Squire and Sylph. These trading card NFTs are split into different tiers, ranging from Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic. Get ready to trade, play and unbox this exciting collection starting July 15. 

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