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Binance Live Customer Support: Now in 8 Languages!


Good news: We have recently launched 24/7 live customer support in Vietnamese. This update brings up the number of languages we can speak to you with to eight, with more to come in the future. We want to assist you in making the most of your Binance experience, and we intend to do it in the language that you speak.

How Binance Customer Support Grew into a Worldwide Operation

Binance introduced live 24/7 customer support in December 2018. We initially launched this in Chinese, to test the operational capabilities of this feature. In April 2019, having secured the operational requirements to speak live to the world, we launched 24/7 customer support in English. 

The next step for us was localization. We want to provide better customer service in the languages that many of our customers use. We launched Russian customer support in July 2019, followed by Spanish in August, Turkish and Korean in December, and Portuguese just last month. 

Current and Future Capabilities

We have grown and invested in our customer support team since our launch. Right now, we have more than 150 customer service agents coming from over 20 different countries, working at four different sites across the globe. On average, we handle over 1,000 tickets and 3,000 online chat sessions per day. We have dedicated agents for complaints, security issues, and financial derivatives such as margin trading, futures, and options.

With our current capabilities, we’re able to field customer support requests in Chinese, English, Spanish, Turkish, Korean, and Vietnamese during the entire day. Our Portuguese customer support service operates from 8 AM to 8 PM, Rio de Janeiro time, while our Russian customer support service is open from 9 AM to 9 PM, Moscow time. 

We won’t stop at just eight languages for customer support. We plan to open more opportunities for customer support in Southeast Asia and Europe, and we’re looking for more agents with other language skills to meet the needs of our users. 

Want to be part of our ever-expanding team? Click here to look for Binance job openings in customer support.