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Binance Learn & Earn Recap and Quiz: $20,000 OCEAN Giveaway


We hope you enjoyed learning about OCEAN this week. In case you missed it, here is a recap of what we covered. Win up to $20 in OCEAN by completing the quiz below. Follow Ocean Protocol on Twitter.

What is Ocean Protocol?

Ocean Protocol is a protocol that defines how communication between data providers and data consumers takes place in a decentralized way, either directly or via apps like marketplaces.

Read about Ocean Protocol’s core product offerings on Ocean 101 in Ocean Academy:

Vision of a New Data Economy

Many people have not yet realized how blockchain technology will disrupt their industry. Ocean Protocol aims to drive the change in Data Science and AI.

Learn about the New Data Economy in Ocean 101 on Ocean Academy:


What does Ocean Protocol enable?

Ocean Protocol provides a standard way to buy and sell access to data, on the blockchain. Learn more about Ocean’s unique data-sharing solution in Ocean 101 on Ocean Academy: 

What is data DeFi?

Data DeFi aims to expand the usage of data as a financial asset within our society. Ocean Protocol tokenzies access to data and data services. Combined with the financial services built on top of blockchain (DeFi), you have the creation of a new financial asset class: data and data services. 

Dive into #DeFi in Intro to Data DeFi on Ocean Academy: 

What is Ocean Market?

Ocean Market is an open-source community marketplace for data and data services featuring OCEAN staking, automated market makers and Initial Data Offerings. 

Discover how users benefit from Ocean Market in Intro to Data DeFi on Ocean Academy: 


Complete the Quiz for a chance to claim up to $20 in OCEAN!