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Binance Launchpad announces upcoming token launch of Perlin, startup developing the fastest public blockchain


Binance Launchpad––Binance’s token launch platform for transformative blockchain projects––has announced support for its eighth project of the year, Perlin, a Singapore-based startup behind a new blockchain protocol project. Perlin is developing the Wavelet distributed ledger, built on a new and pioneering ‘leaderless proof of stake’ consensus mechanism developed for easily deploying decentralized apps. Perlin’s Wavelet aims to provide the fastest public blockchain, processing over 31,240 payment transactions per second and finalizing transactions in 1-4 seconds across millions of nodes.

Perlin has secured major partnerships with organizations including the Singapore government, which has provided funding, network and strategic support for Perlin and its service for various financial organizations through Enterprise Singapore, the government agency championing enterprise development. Perlin has recently raised investments from Kakao Investments, Arrington XRP Capital, FBG Capital, and Bitmain, among others. Perlin’s token sale on Binance Launchpad will follow an updated lottery format and begin on August 9, 2019, at 00:00 UTC. 

Perlin opens the way for mainstream integration of distributed ledger technology (DLT) in global trade and commerce, by addressing scalability issues and dilemmas plaguing all other public blockchains through Wavelet, which is built on a directed-acyclic-graph (DAG)-based consensus protocol.

“At Binance Launchpad, we continue to support blockchain startups striving to bring sustainable development to the crypto industry and make blockchain technologies more accessible to individuals and companies. Perlin has great potential with its team providing a new blockchain scaling solution and unique leaderless consensus algorithm that will facilitate digital global trade, cloud computing, and other decentralized apps,” said Binance CEO and Founder, CZ (Changpeng Zhao).

“Our leaderless, practical, user-friendly and open-source ledger Wavelet outperforms every other public blockchain and we see ourselves as a public open enterprise DLT. This is why the International Chamber of Commerce, Singapore Government, Indian Government, and major business chambers around the world are comfortable working with us,” said Dorjee Sun, CEO of Perlin. “Web Assembly through Javascript and Rust allows millions of developers to create programmable smart contracts on Perlin, paving the way for mass adoption for everyday real-world applications across every conceivable industry”. 

Perlin is also focused on attracting developers to its platform and provide them with advanced solutions for building dApps. The platform supports WebAssembly smart contracts, decentralized governance, and system upgradeability. Additionally, since running a Wavelet node only requires 512MB RAM and a healthy internet connection, validators will be able to earn staking rewards using just their phones and laptops. 

Perlin will be the eighth project to be hosted on Binance Launchpad this year. The previous project, Wink, successfully completed its token sale in late July, having managed to raise funds from 40,870 investors from around the world.

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About Perlin

Perlin’s Wavelet is the world’s first truly leaderless proof-of-stake blockchain, supporting WebAssembly smart contracts accompanied by dead-simple JavaScript (AssemblyScript) and Rust smart contract SDKs. Wavelet is the fastest public blockchain on the market for developers to easily build highly resilient applications. Apart from high scalability and speed, Wavelet also has the lowest-barrier-to-entry for network node operators, enabling users with low-powered laptops and smartphones to participate. Perlin is partnered with the International Chamber of Commerce and supported by the Singapore Government to power the future of decentralized technologies. Perlin will accelerate and transform international trade for a more digital, autonomous, efficient and fair trading economy.

About Binance Launchpad

Binance Launchpad is the exclusive token launch platform for entrepreneurs to bring the most transformative crypto projects to life, with the help of Binance users around the world. Projects accepted to launch on Binance Launchpad will have greater access to resources and support from across the Binance ecosystem.

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