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Binance Info 2.0: Bridging Crypto Projects and Users Better


Binance Info, the crypto information hub of Binance, has undergone a revamp that makes information sharing between crypto projects and users more seamless and direct. With the new Binance Info, find information about the crypto projects that matter to you the most, without the clutter that comes with following too many feeds on various social media channels.

Obtaining information about the crypto projects you follow can be tedious at times. You shuffle across various websites and social media platforms, plus applicable news websites. And while there are a lot of crypto info aggregation websites, they end up having conflicting information. Some crypto teams may end up not being in touch with many of these platforms, so some of the information can be conflicting or misconstrued by the author(s). In the bigger picture, there is an information delivery issue from projects to users.

Enter Binance Info. The revamped website, currently in beta, will be a platform for people to find important information about crypto projects with no clutter, all within the ecosystem of the exchange where they are likely trading these crypto-assets anyway. Follow the projects you need and get instant information delivery regarding press releases and development updates and much more.

We improved upon the previous iteration of the website, which served as a hub for basic information about crypto projects’ teams, developments, and market movement. In this revamp, we redesigned Binance Info with the idea to integrate heavily into the Binance trader experience. In the end, we want all Binancians to be better informed regarding the tokens they trade and the projects behind them, and Binance Info’s revamp is a big step into this direction.

Binance Info brings major benefits to both crypto projects and their followers and crypto users in general. For crypto projects, they are able to deliver updates to more users and get more visibility, not only to their followers but also to the millions of Binance users. They can also leverage the wide network and reach of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. 

On the user side, Binance Info provides a more convenient information-gathering experience. Users get to receive more timely information without needing to seek out information across multiple channels. And they get to receive this information within the same crypto ecosystem where they are most likely to trade and take advantage of the latest information.

The current iteration of the revamped Binance Info features a feed We aim to add more features in the future, such as commenting and push notifications, to make your crypto information gathering experience better and more interactive. 

Log in to Binance Info now using your Binance account to experience a new way of obtaining crypto information seamlessly.