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Binance Futures Review, Month 5: We’ll Be There Soon


Dear Binance Futures Community,

The market sentiment has been extremely strong across both BTC and altcoin markets - this is an exciting time! Over the past few weeks, Binance Futures has been adding one new pair per day, increasing its total product offerings to 20 at the time of this writing. We’ve seen an extremely strong interest in our new products, of which Binance Futures has already become the most traded venue for TRX. As our ecosystem expands and develops, users will have the ability to trade any of their desired products on our Binance Futures platform.

Within five months of operations, Binance Futures has become the premier hedging venue for institutional clients, which are benefiting from our competitive taker fees and industry-leading infrastructure. Due to the extreme volatility often present in the crypto markets, many other exchanges suffer from system lags, outages, and even rollbacks. We’ve proven time and again to be a safe, reliable, cheap, and liquid venue for hedging during these volatile periods - as explained in our latest article “3 Reasons Why Binance Futures Is The Preferred Hedging Venue For Traders

Innovation has always been a cornerstone of Binance. As such, we will be rolling out new features that will improve accessibility to our markets as well as further develop our ecosystem. For instance, the much anticipated Cross Collateral has allowed users to borrow USDT at 0% interest using BUSD in their exchange wallet as collateral. Initially, users were allowed to borrow a maximum of 50,000 USDT, due to high demand, we are increasing the limit to 1,000,000 USDT effective immediately. We will further expand Cross Collateral to include BTC deposits, possibly the single most requested feature from users.

In addition, we’ve been working around the clock to increase our feature offerings. Some of the other programs we’ve introduced this month include:

·  Affiliate program – rewards for introductions to Binance Futures.

·  Futures brokers program – calling for global distributional partners.

·  New market making program – negative maker fees for select users.

·  Orders displaying on K-Line – view positions and cancel open orders directly on chart.

·  Binance Futures on TradingView – alternative K-line chart display.

·  Long/short daily reports – a daily market sentiment indicator.  

We are fast approaching the highest volume across all futures exchanges. A bit more push and a few more products, and we’ll be there.

NO.1 is not far away.

- AG, VP of Binance Futures