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Binance Futures Affiliates’ Content Competition - $5,000 in BUSD up for Grabs Every Month!



Calling all Binance Futures affiliates!

We are incredibly excited to announce Binance Futures Affiliates’ Content Competition! Stand a chance to win up to $3,000 in BUSD and also Binance merchandise by simply creating and sharing your content on social media.

The top 10 winning affiliates will share a prize pool of up to $3,500 in BUSD each month! The top 11th to 30th affiliates of the competition will receive exclusive Binance merchandise. There are also giveaway rewards of $1,500 in BUSD for the most popular, creative, and creative content!

Interested? Follow our step-by-step guide to begin!

Not an affiliate yet? Apply now and earn up to 40% on trading fees!

Join the Binance Futures Affiliate Program, and get rewarded for your efforts when you introduce your world to Binance Futures, the world’s leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange.

Get started in just 3 easy steps: 1) Become an affiliate 2) Create and Share your referral links 3) Get rewarded and earn commissions!

It’s that easy. 

Step 1: Create Your Content

Create customized content for Binance futures based on the topics of the month.

Here’s a guideline that you should follow for content creation:

● You can choose to create your content in any language. There are no language restrictions.

● Content must be original and unique.

● The content can be in any form, including but not limited to the following:

○ Video

○ Article

○ Infographics

○ Images

● Must-have elements in the content:

○ Clear Call-to-Action with the link to relevant Binance Futures pages

■ UTM tracking must be included in the link of Binance Futures pages

○ Insert affiliates’ referral code

● Content topics:

○ Binance futures will announce the topics for each month.

○ For the month of April, we want you to create unique and creative content about Binance Futures USDT-Margined quarterly futures. For example:

■ How to open a Futures account (via your referral link or code)

■ How to transfer funds to the “Futures USDT-margined wallet”

■ Contract explanation: USDT-margined quarterly futures

■ Difference between USDT-margined perpetual futures and quarterly futures

■ The pros and cons of USDT-margined quarterly futures

■ How to trade USDT-margined quarterly futures on Binance Futures (risks involved, order types)

■ ‘Live’ trading

■ etc...

Step 2: Publish on YouTube or Social Media

Publish your content before the last day of each month on your preferred social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Step 3: Content Submission

You may submit up to three pieces of content via Google Form. The more content you create, the higher your chance of winning!

We recommend you submit the form between the 28th and 30th of each month so that your content could have enough exposure for you to select the top-performing ones. Affiliates should also include the links and the popularity metrics (views, likes) of each content in the submission form.

Step 4: Evaluation Process

All the content will be evaluated based on:

1. Quality: Informative, clarity and easy to understand, creativity

2. Popularity: Number of views and likes per month

A panel of 5 Binance Futures team members will evaluate all the content in the first week of each month. Each content will receive a rating and will be added together to get the overall result of each affiliate.

Rewards Structure - Ready to Grab Your Share of The Prize Pool?

The distribution of rewards to the top 30 affiliates in each month will as follows:



1st place                

$1,500 in BUSD                

2nd place                

$650 in BUSD                

3rd place                

$300 in BUSD                

4th to 10th place                

$150 in BUSD                

11th to 30th place                

Binance Limited Swag Package(including T-shirt, Hat, Tote bag, Water Bottle,  Notebook)                

Special Giveaways

Want more? Stand a chance to win an additional $500 in BUSD if your content ranks the best in these categories:

○ Most Impactful Content - Content that brings the highest futures trading volume from new referrals in the month.

○ Most Popular Content -  Content that has the highest number of views and likes in the month.

○ Most Creative Content - Content that is the most creative.



Most Impactful Content                

$500 in BUSD                

Most Popular Content                

$500 in BUSD                

Most Creative Content                

$500 in BUSD                 

Winners List 

There are five entrants that are eligible for the rewards. Below is a list of the five finalists of this content competition. Congratulations to the top 5 winners!

Binance ID
Ranking & Special Rewards
1 & Most popular
2 & Most impactful

Terms and Conditions

1. All submissions must be original works of the entrants.

2. Submissions will be closed on the last day of each month at 23:59 PM (UTC)

3. Fill out this form, provide your Binance ID, Email Address, the link of the content, as well as the popularity metrics of the content. If the participant does not fill out the form before the submission deadline of each month, he/she is not eligible for the prizes in that month.

4. Binance will announce the winning entrants of both rewards categories within seven business days in the following month of content production.

5. Awards will be distributed 14 working days in the following month of content production.

6. Each submitted-content can only compete in one content bonus program from Binance.

7. Affiliates are eligible to win in both rank-based rewards and special rewards.

8. Plagiarized content or fabricated content popularity will be disqualified from the program.

9. Binance futures reserves the right to evaluate each content.

10. Binance futures may change the rules and bonuses at any time.

11. Binance reserves the right of final interpretation.

What are you waiting for? Be creative. Be wild. Create Your Unique and Viral Content Today!

Risk warning: Futures trading is a highly risky endeavor, with the potential for both great profits and significant losses. Please be aware that in the event of extreme price movement, there is a chance that all margin balance in your futures wallet may be liquidated.