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Binance Charity Launches Incentive Airdrop Project


To encourage more people to volunteer for the good of society, we are launching a crypto airdrop initiative that gives incentives and manages tasks. 

Binance Charity, the philanthropic arm of Binance, is launching an Incentive Airdrop Project to solve challenges that come with recruiting, retaining, and managing volunteers in projects that work for the greater good. This blockchain-based volunteer management system rewards voluntary work, promotes volunteering stories, and encourages more people to volunteer for social good. 

Using Blockchain to Solve Volunteership Problems

Research has shown that while over 90% of us want to volunteer, only 1 out of 4 people surveyed in the US actually does, with more or less similar. Here are four reasons why more people aren’t volunteering:

1. Problem: Fear of Not Measuring Up. Solution: Blockchain-Based Recognition

Some people are reluctant to help a nonprofit organization for a variety of reasons. For example, some may have full-time jobs and don’t think they can contribute as much as other volunteers. With a blockchain-based volunteer management system, each contribution to volunteer work is tracked accordingly, as well as information about the people who help out, making sure that adequate recognition is handed out regardless of role.

2. Problem: Underappreciation. Solution: Tangible Rewards

Volunteers are less likely to continue donating their time if they don’t feel appreciated. If nonprofit organizations want to keep volunteers and recruit new ones, they have to make them feel valued. In the old system, people may get tokens of appreciation. But with our Incentive Airdrop Program, we give out crypto-assets that serve as both a thank-you gift and a reward for a job well done. In other words, these are tokens that may actually be appreciated, while making their owners feel appreciated.

3. Problem: Difficulty in Onboarding. Solution: Tech-Based Sign-ups

If nonprofit leaders want to recruit more people to volunteer, they should make the sign-up process as easy as possible. If individuals are required to take several classes or fill out long forms, it may discourage them from helping. Using blockchain technology to make the registration and onboarding process more convenient will allow organizations to concentrate on the more important tasks for making a difference in the world.

4. Problem: Lack of Access to Causes. Solution: One-Stop-Hub for Volunteers

People don’t usually volunteer for causes that they were not asked personally about. Nonprofit leaders should ask individuals in person to help out at their organization, but the recent pandemic has made face-to-face interaction even more difficult. It’s about time to use technology as a central point in informing people about volunteer work. And a blockchain-based solution that already has volunteership-oriented users on board will be prime space for organizations to interact with volunteers and achieve their goals. 

How the Incentive Airdrop Project Works

The project is an interaction between Binance Charity, non-governmental organizations (NGO), and volunteers. Here’s a sample of how each parry will interact under the system. 

1. Program Preparation

Binance Charity: Informs volunteers about using Binance or Trust Wallet for receiving airdrops

NGO: Reaches out to prospect volunteers and register volunteers digitally

Volunteer: Downloads Binance or Trust Wallet, accepts NGOs’ programs

2. Program Implementation

Binance Charity: Coordinates with NGOs and volunteers for accounts

NGO: Completes project, record volunteer’s participation time

Volunteer: Participates in volunteer projects

3. Incentive Distribution

NGO: Provides a list of volunteers who are qualified to receive the reward

Binance Charity: Distributes the crypto rewards to volunteers’ wallets

Volunteer: Receives crypto rewards for cash out or savings

Join Us

If you are working at an NGO or a volunteer who faced the problems mentioned in the article and would like to recommend your organization to have a better volunteer management and rewarding system, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at and fill this form

We would be delighted to partner with you and encourage more and more people to volunteer for social good!