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Binance Awards 2020 - Philanthropist of the Year


On Tuesday, July 14, we revealed our 2020 Binance Awards winners live during our “Off the Charts!” Virtual Conference. Here, we spotlight the nominees and winners. 

Please join us in celebrating the Binance Philanthropist of the Year. This award goes out to our committed partners who work with us on our mission to advance global sustainable development and combat world hunger and disease. At Binance, we’ve always believed in the power of blockchain as a means to bring transparency to charity. 

The Binance Charity team nominated the top 3 institutional or individual donors that have contributed the most to Binance Charity’s charitable projects since 2018 (based on the total value of donations).

The winner was selected based on a number of attributes, including project engagement frequency, impact on global sustainable development, and the total number of votes in a poll on the official Binance Charity Twitter account. 



Committed $10 million USD to Binance Charity for social and economic impact projects.

Donated $500,000 USD to Binance Charity charitable projects since 2018. “” supported “Crypto Against COVID,” “Lunch for Children” and other upcoming charitable projects for social goods.

TRON Foundation 

Donated $3 million USD to Binance Charity charitable projects since 2018, and supported a multitude of charitable efforts, including “Crypto Against COVID”, “Humanity First,” ”Pinkcare Token,” ”L-Istrina Campaign,“ and ”Binance Lunch for Children”.


Congratulations to the TRON Foundation for winning the Binance Philanthropist of the Year Award. The TRON Foundation notched 46.9% of the total votes, taking the award over (27.7%) and Ripple (25.5%). The TRON Foundation has contributed $3 million USD since 2018 and has been an active and strong supporter of Binance Charity’s impactful projects aiding in global sustainable development. 

Thank you to all of our contestants. You have truly worked to make the world a better place, and for that, we are truly grateful to have you as partners.