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Binance Academy: Now in Bahasa Indonesia


Binance Academy, the education arm of Binance, has officially launched a Bahasa Indonesia version of its platform. With this rollout, more than 80 articles on cryptocurrency and blockchain have been translated to Indonesia’s national language, and can now be accessed on Binance.Vision/id/. Cryptocurrency and blockchain education is one of the main missions of Binance’s ecosystem, and Binance Academy’s expansion to more languages advances its aim to reach as many people in the world as possible.

Binance Academy is a nonprofit blockchain education portal that offers quality, easy-to-understand content for cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts worldwide. Since its launch in August 2018, Binance Academy has delivered 2937 days, 12 hours, and 43 minutes worth of educational content to hundreds of thousands of Binance Academy users (at time of publishing). The platform hosts 726 articles, videos, glossary items, and other media, with more content being added every week.

"Binance Academy’s expansion to offer Indonesian content reaffirms Binance's strong commitment to advancing crypto education through quality, unbiased knowledge sharing that is freely accessible to all,” said Ted Lin, Binance’s Chief Growth Officer. “Indonesia is a key emerging market globally with more than 260 million people. The potential for cryptocurrency adoption and appetite for blockchain related knowledge is burgeoning, with the number cryptocurrency holders estimated to already be rivaling that of stockholders locally. Binance remains committed to driving crypto adoption, accessibility, and financial inclusivity for everyone around the world."

In addition, to make crypto education more accessible in an increasingly mobile world, Binance Academy has been part of the Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) project since January 2019. This means that the Binance Academy website is quickly accessible to mobile-first users, including more than 195 million smartphone users in Indonesia.

Crypto Scene in Indonesia: Bitcoin Outranks Stocks

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country and the 16th largest economy by nominal GDP. But out of the 260 million people currently inhabiting Indonesia, just about 20% have access to formal banking institutions. Under such circumstances, cryptocurrencies are seen as great alternatives for financial access. In fact, as early as March 2018, it was estimated that 1.5 million Indonesians trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, outnumbering the 1.18 million registered traders on the Indonesian Stock Exchange.

In Indonesia, cryptocurrencies were considered as commodities legally tradeable on stock exchanges since June 2018. This month, Indonesia introduced new rules that formalize the commodity status of crypto. This has resulted in all-time highs in crypto trading volume for Bitcoin in the country during the past two weeks, helping drive Bitcoin price back to around $4,000 this week.

In a sense, Binance Academy’s launch of Bahasa Indonesia comes at a perfect time. Cryptocurrency’s momentum in Indonesia, as well as the accompanying increase in crypto-related activity, will result to increased awareness about the basics of how blockchain and crypto work, as well as how this technology can improve the lives of Indonesians.

For instance, there are 6 million Indonesian migrant workers spread around the world right now. Blockchain technology offers them a better way to transfer money and other assets to their relatives and friends, with faster transfer times and lower charges compared to traditional money transfer methods in the market. This is just one of the many areas where Binance Academy can inform the public about how to best utilize blockchain.

Binance Academy Pursues a Better Learning Experience for People

Since its beta launch last August 2018 and its formal launch four months after, Binance Academy has constantly improved the user experience on its platform, for a more conducive learning environment for people who use the website. Aside from the aforementioned mobile optimization feature, these improvements include:* A fresh new web interface, featuring interactive, in-depth articles, accompanying videos, and a comprehensive glossary. Launched last December 2018, these features are continuously being optimized upon.

* An all-new “light mode” option to the default “dark mode” look of the website.

* An improved search feature for easier access to lessons that a person may want to access at any moment.

Aside from Bahasa Indonesia, Binance Academy content is now available in English, Vietnamese, Polish, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Arabic, Korean, Russian and Turkish. Follow the Binance Academy on Telegram and Twitter to stay updated with the latest lessons we have in store. To our Indonesian Binancians, terima kasih, and stay tuned for more updates catered to the Indonesian market.