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Binance 2018 Recap


The year 2018, the first full calendar year of Binance operations, has been very eventful and expansive, come bull or bear. Today, we will reflect on the year that went by.

This recap will consist of two parts: a by-the-numbers look at how we at Binance grew our business and ecosystem this year and a timeline of major events in Binance for the year.

Binance By The Numbers: 2018

US$1,200,000,000 average daily trading volume on Binance for 2018

1,400,000 transactions per second of Binance processing capacity

10,000,000+ Binance users worldwide

180+ countries and regions where Binance users are based

40+ countries where the Binance team is operating

151 coins listed on Binance (up from 101 to start the year)

396 trading pairs on Binance (up from 245 to start the year)

13 languages supported on the Binance website

6 languages added on Binance website this year: Vietnamese, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, Dutch, Polish

3,229,045.91 tokens retrieved by Binance for thousands of users serviced by our Binance Support team

9,200,652 BNB already burned out of the planned burn of 100,000,000 BNB in the Binance whitepaper

$120,000,000 worth of BNB tokens burned*

42+ known use cases of BNB, with more to come

731 days (plus 11 hours, 3 minutes, and 40 seconds) worth of educational content delivered to hundreds of thousands of Binance Academy users through…

726 articles, videos, glossary items, and other media on Binance Academy, available at…

15 languages supported on Binance Academy

US$576,798 in donations raised at the Binance Charity portal

US$513,475 in donations distributed for Binance’s West Japan Disaster Relief Initiative

500,000+ Trust Wallet users across Android and iOS apps

30,000 ERC20, ERC223, and ERC721 tokens supported by Trust Wallet

10 blockchains that Trust Wallet now supports or is in the process of supporting

21 blockchain projects supported by Binance Labs

11 blockchain startups revealed publicly on Binance Labs portfolio

8 startups graduated from the Binance Labs Incubation Program

161,000 views on Binance Research since it launched in November 2018, spread across...

6 comprehensive reports on cryptocurrencies

8,500,000+ page views on Binance Info over the past half-year

4,000+ community-led information submissions on Binance Info  

1,594 third-party reports hosted on Binance Info for…

1,207 coins indexed on the platform, with…

50+ projects granted V-Label (team-verified information) status.

39 Binance meetups hosted in different cities around the globe

50+ global blockchain conferences where Binance leaders participated as key speakers this year

96 Binance Angels, our Binance community volunteers around the world

Binance 2018 Timeline

January 2018

- Binance became top 3 crypto exchange in the world

- Binance adds 240,000 new users in one hour, thanks to your overwhelming support for us to start the year

- Binance Support FAQ launched in 8 languages

February 2018

- Binance became top 2 crypto exchange in the world

- Beta launch of Binance Info, our comprehensive crypto knowledge base

- CZ was put on the cover of Forbes magazine

March 2018

- Binance became the top crypto exchange in the world by trade volume, with 7.9 million users

- Development started for BNB Chain, a public blockchain initiated by Binance

- Binance began setting up operations in Malta, a pro-blockchain European country.

- Doubling down on our commitment to security, Binance offered US$250,000 in bounties to catch the people behind a failed attempt to hack the exchange, plus a US$10,000,000 bounty chest for future attempts

April 2018

- Binance entered into global cooperation with Bermuda, Togo, and Uganda

- Binance Labs made its first investment: the MobileCoin project

May 2018

- Binance launched community-driven Binance Education Initiative, the progenitor of Binance Academy

- Binance Charity sponsored the Africa Blockchain Conference, where CZ was a featured speaker, to drive the adoption of blockchain in the continent

June 2018

- Binance opened its bank account in Malta and supported the country’s startup accelerator program, while signing a memorandum with Digital Jersey for a plan to set up a local crypto exchange and compliance base

- Binance Labs expanded its portfolio, adding Oasis Labs, CertiK, and Republic

- Binance Uganda officially launched and opened for registration

July 2018

- Binance introduced social responsibility arm Binance Charity

- Binance acquired Trust Wallet, which started as an ERC20 crypto wallet app. Trust Wallet expanded support to more than 10 blockchains and blazed a trail in building an in-app Web3 DApp browser.

- Binance raised US$410,000 in donations for disaster relief operations in West Japan.

August 2018

- Binance made an official stance on listings and partnerships

- Binance CEO CZ shared a sneak peek on the coding- and function-related progress of BNB Chain.

- Binance’s education arm Binance Academy launched in beta

September 2018

- Binance named Wei Zhou as our CFO

- Binance Info launched version 2.0, featuring an upgraded hub for crypto information, including third-party rating reports

- Binance Charity partnered with the United Nations Development Programme for the use of blockchain technology for social good through a US$1 million donation.

October 2018

- Binance made updates to its listing fees policy, donating 100% of all listing fees to charity

- Binance Labs launched the first season of its Incubation Program and invested in Contentos and CertiK

- Fiat exchanges make huge strides. Binance Uganda opened for live trading, while Binance Singapore underwent closed beta testing and partnered with Temasek-backed Vertex Ventures

- Binance invested in TravelbyBit, an Australian startup that allows people to travel the world using crypto

- CZ appeared at the UNCTAD World Investment Forum, held at the United Nations’ Geneva office, to launch Binance Charity’s blockchain platform for transparent donations

November 2018

- Binance Research launched with a slate of institutional-grade reports on cryptocurrencies

- Binance announced partnerships with know-your-customer service provider Refinitiv and crypto compliance company Chainalysis.

- Binance Charity won the CSR of the Year award at the inaugural Malta Blockchain Summit.

December 2018

- Binance reveals more details about BNB Chain, this time with interface elements for Binance DEX which will be maintained as a community project.

- Binance Academy officially launched, with more than 500 educational articles and videos, plus support for 15 languages

- Binance Labs concluded its Incubation Program, with 8 blockchain teams pitching to 150 of Silicon Valley’s investors, while announcing that the next season of the program will be held across 5 continents

- Binance added sub-accounts for institutional clients, with more corporate-focused features to follow

- Trust Wallet launches Bitcoin support

- Binance announces first Binance Blockchain Week conference, scheduled for January 19-22, 2019.

* Coin burn estimate is based on the US$ value of the BNB tokens burned at the time of each burning.