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Binance NFT Marketplace Reveals More Creators: Guti, Lil Yachty, Kyle & More!


Get ready for the June 24 launch of Binance NFT, our premier marketplace for NFTs and digital collectibles. Get a sneak peek at another batch of “premium event” creators and check back weekly as we reveal our full lineup of content coming to Binance NFT. 

The ultimate destination for NFTs and digital collectibles

Whether you’re new to crypto collectibles or a seasoned NFT enthusiast, get ready for the June 24 launch of Binance NFT. Featuring content from some of the world’s top creators and artists, Binance NFT is set to become the ultimate destination for NFTs and digital collectibles. 

Discover top creators you know and love, with exclusive content available at launch

From digital artists and musicians to athletes and celebrities, we’re committed to sourcing and partnering with some of the most influential names and brands today. This week, we’re announcing our second slate of creators: Musicians Lil Yachty and Kyle, Football legend José María Gutiérrez Hernández (popularly known as Guti), iconic painter Frank Holliday and ‘Nyammy Treats: The Nyan Sum Cards’ collectibles by Mighty Jaxx (available exclusively through NFKings Productions).

The NFT collections by Lil Yachty and Kyle will be made available through Opulous on Binance NFT, while Guti’s NFT collection will be made available through TopGoal. NFTs by Frank Holliday, the iconic painter from Mucciaccia Gallery, are also exclusively through NFKings Productions. 

Binance NFT to feature exclusive launch content from Lil Yachty, Kyle, Guti, Frank Holliday and Nyan Sum —with more to be announced soon.

If you’re an NFT broker interested in bringing on board innovative creators, please reach out to

Stay tuned as we announce more “Premium Event” creators in the coming days and weeks. We’ve got some exciting announcements we can’t wait to share, so check back frequently as we update this article with the latest news. 

Introducing the best NFT experience in the (meta)verse

Binance NFT doesn’t just feature one of the strongest lineups of creators and artists—it also aims to provide users with the best and most seamless NFT experience. Get some of the lowest transaction fees and fastest blockchain network speeds available anywhere, which allows more users to access the exciting world of NFTs and digital collectibles. 

Our NFT marketplace will also connect one of the world’s largest and most passionate crypto communities with the most exclusive content: all existing Binance users will be able to access our NFT marketplace (while using their existing wallet) without additional setup. Sign up for your Binance account today or visit Binance NFT for more information. 

Binance reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this article at any time and for any reasons without prior notice. Follow our NFT community on Telegram to connect with NFT enthusiasts and collectors.