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8 More Reasons Why Blockchain Projects Choose BNB Chain


Last week, we talked about 10 reasons why many startups in the blockchain scene have made the switch to BNB Chain. Since then, more blockchain projects have switched to BNB Chain. Some of these presented new listing proposals for Binance DEX, the community-developed decentralized exchange powered by BNB Chain. Others have simply added support for BNB Chain for their solutions. 

There are many ways to support BNB Chain, and there are at least as many reasons that prompt this change. Today, we highlight 8 more reasons in this blog.

1. We like how BNB Chain works

Raven Protocol was actually skeptical of BNB Chain at first, when the community-led blockchain was previewed last year. But the project liked what they saw on BNB Chain, and gave two reasons for its migration. First, they liked how things work on BNB Chain, from straightforward token issuance to great documentation and helpful tools. “Binance has created a way for any project to launch a token with minimal effort. It’s plug and play,” Raven Protocol noted.

2. We like Binance DEX’s chances

Raven’s other reason is actually a vote of confidence in Binance DEX, the decentralized exchange developed on top of BNB Chain. “We believe the Binance DEX has the strongest chance of becoming the primary default exchange of choice for anyone looking to trade. When CZ and the Binance team set their mind to something, they execute until it succeeds,” the team said.

3. We want BNB Chain to support our tokenized privacy-preserving ecosystem

COVA is a blockchain project that preserves privacy through blockchain. “Instead of centralized servers which claim data will be safely computed and stored, COVA democratizes the policy-making process, making users’ preference the most important rule for internet service providers to abide by when processing data,” according to the project, which proceeded to convert some of its tokens to BEP2 tokens.

4. We see BNB Chain as a great blockchain for decentralized finance

Cred, a platform for crypto lending and borrowing, migrated a portion of its tokens to BNB Chain and will become the official lending and borrowing platform for the decentralized finance ecosystem. It did help that Cred has been working with Binance for quite some time, and that the two have committed to work together on leveraging and supporting Cred’s services within the Binance ecosystem.

5. We want BNB Chain to power our payment system for our upcoming streaming apps

Bolt, a blockchain startup that is poised to launch two apps in the summer, is migrating its token to BNB Chain. With the blockchain’s help, the startup will launch streaming app BOLT+, a streaming app, and BOLT Wallet, an app that allows you to use BOLT Tokens to buy mobile data redemption packages and other payments related to its ecosystem.

6. We want to be the first crypto staking platform on BNB Chain

HonestMining, a platform for Proof of Stake crypto mining, migrated its HNST utility token to BNB Chain. “Through migrating to BNB Chain, it could maximize the function of HNST as a utility token and gain more real usage as BNB Chain concentrates on performance and usability,” according to the HonestMining team.

7. We like the support given to us by the entire Binance ecosystem

Contentos, a blockchain project for content that has over 60 million monthly active users, has received support from Binance Labs last year in the form of investment. When BNB Chain launched, it made great sense for the blockchain content project to explore and then adapt the community-created blockchain. 

8. We want to be fully interoperable with the Binance ecosystem while maintaining our mainnet

LTO Network, a hybrid blockchain built for businesses, is using BNB Chain as a liquidity chain for its mainnet LTO token. It sees the use of BNB Chain as part of its bigger plan for interoperability with Binance solutions, Following its recent listing on Binance DEX, LTO plans to integrate its mainnet into Trust Wallet.

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