5 Highlights from Binance Summit: Blockchain Applied


Thanks for joining us at our latest Binance event about the latest applications of blockchain. In this article, we provide you a rundown of the noteworthy things that were discussed during the summit.

We just recently concluded Binance Summit: Blockchain Applied, and we thank the thousands of attendees who joined our virtual summit, as well as the event speakers who shared their thoughts in an ever-evolving blockchain landscape, and our sponsors Ocean Protocol, EasyFi and Utrust

During the latest Binance Summit, attendees were able to hear valuable insights from blockchain BUIDLers and leaders and important discussions on blockchain-related issues. Attendees were able to learn how to earn passive income via crypto apps and solutions, as well as how to build on BNB Smart Chain. 


Here are 5 highlights from the event: 

1. Binance Reveals $100,000 Donation to Gitcoin Grants, Plans for Wallet Direct

During his speech and community mini-AMA, Binance Founder & CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) announced our pledge to donate $100,000 to the next Gitcoin Grants matching round to support up-and-coming Ethereum projects. “As a blockchain industry, we need to work together and innovate and find more use cases for the blockchain ecosystem at large,” he said.

CZ also talked about current and future plans related to BNB Smart Chain, including an upcoming Wallet Direct service that will link Binance.com with crypto wallets, allowing people to conveniently shift funds between centralized and decentralized platforms. He also discussed BTokens, the recently launched wrapped tokens created by Binance on Ethereum for decentralized finance (DeFi), and the BUIDL Reward Program, which has given out 1,059 BNB to developers during its first 15 days.

2. Workshop on Passive Earning through Crypto

In the first of two workshops, Trust Wallet founder Viktor Radchenko discussed the many earning opportunities that different crypto tokens and platforms offer, including crypto savings, staking, liquidity pools, and more. His session included live demos of how earning platforms work to provide additional income for the cryptocurrencies you already hold.

Meanwhile, Samsul Karim from Binance Bridge discussed cross-chain swaps and how they work to benefit investors and help projects earn as well. He also showed a live demonstration on how transfers work across different blockchains via Binance Bridge.

3. How Blockchain is Applied: Payments, Digital Art, Gaming, and More

The first panel of the summit, moderated by Cointelegraph’s Kristina Lucrezia Corner, delved into the various exciting ways in which blockchain is being currently used in people's day to day lives. Decentraland’s Esteban Ordano shared how blockchain is applied in gaming, while John Crain talked about the many forms of digital art that are created, distributed, and verified on the blockchain. UTRUST’s Sanja Kon discussed the growth of crypto payments and the increasing role of blockchain in settling transactions amid a world that increasingly leans toward e-commerce and online purchases. 

4. Issues to Address in Blockchain: Security, Risks, Smart Contracts, dApps

Speakers from the second and third panels talked about several important topics in the blockchain space, from security to decentralized applications, as well as the risks and rewards involved in creating smart contracts. 

During the panel on blockchain security, the panelists discussed wide-ranging topics related to security, including yield farming, security audits, flash loans, the test-in-production issue in DeFi platforms. Leo Chang from CREAM Finance, Caleb Lau from Etherscan, Daryl Hok from CertiK, and Alice Henshaw from Open Zeppelin graced this panel, with Matt Marx from Phishfort moderating.

In the succeeding panel discussion about smart contracts and dApps, Ryan Fang from Burgerswap, Sajida Zouarhi of CryptoPermaculture, and Vincent Niu of CoinMarketCap brought up the many ways that the development of blockchain apps and smart contracts have helped people to join new financial markets, as well as the risks and returns that are related to these solutions. Scott Moore from Gitcoin moderated the panel.

5. BNB Smart Chain Workshop

During the second and final workshop, leaders from pioneer projects of BNB Smart Chain (BSC) shared their experiences on how they were able to easily build solutions on BSC. Tim Diercxsens from Arkane Network and Aleksey Studnev from Bitquery delivered keynote presentations on the specifics of integrating on BSC and how other developers can do the same.

On behalf of the Binance Summit team, we’d like to thank all the speakers, participants, sponsors, and collaborators who made this event possible. See you all at the next event!


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