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10 Reasons Why You Should Listen to the Binance Podcast


Binance Podcast just launched its 20th podcast. On this blog, we share 10 of the many reasons why you should make it a habit to listen to the podcast.

At Binance Podcast, we talk with entrepreneurs, scholars, influencers, and experts, walking the audience through a variety of industries to share insights on how blockchain technology is changing the world. Binance CFO Wei Zhou, together with different Binance representatives host these podcasts, adding depth to the discussions and creating the authentic kind of conversations possible among movers and shakers in the crypto industry.

In the past 20 episodes, we have initiated worthwhile discussions with regulators, traders, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs to discuss various topics on the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Here are some of them you don’t want to miss. 

[Don’t miss out Episode 20 of the Binance Podcast, in which Christy Choi, Binance Labs Director has an insightful discussion with Vincent Niu, Founder of Dapp.Review about how blockchain is transforming the online gaming]

1. Why are JP Morgan, Facebook, and IBM Working on Stablecoins?

Wei Zhou kicked off the Podcast by interviewing Leslie Tam, who heads institutional clients service Binance Trading. They discussed the reasons why big corporations like JP Morgan, Facebook, and IBM are working on their own stable coin projects. 

2. “Long Bitcoin, Short The Bankers - Pomp Shares His Adventures in The Crypto World

Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital and a top influencer in the crypto industry, discussed how Bitcoin has entered the mainstream conversations in the US. Pomp also shared his thoughts on Facebook's Libra project. This episode is as insightful as his Twitter feed!

3. Digital Asset Regulation from the Frontline

For a more legal approach to crypto, listen to this podcast with Loretta Joseph, blockchain consultant to the OECD and a pioneer in the digital asset regulatory space, and Jason Hsu, the crypto congressman from Taiwan. Do they see convergence in crypto regulation? How do we balance innovation and risk through progressive regulations? Hear their answers here.

4. China's Role in Global Crypto Market 

Dovey Wan, Founder and Managing Director of Primitive Ventures and perhaps one of the most notable thought leaders when it comes to blockchain in China, discussed how the cryptocurrency business in China differs from the rest of the world and to explain the investment mentality of the crypto-crowd in China.

“Speaking of exchange investment, it has probably been the only favorable investment theme through all the bull and bear cycles because exchange is one of the very few productive assets. If you think about it, Bitcoin is actually not productive, but exchanges are actually productive assets because they can constantly produce more Bitcoin-based on transaction fees.“ - Dovey Wan

5. A Talk with Bitcoin Bull Thomas Lee about FoMo on Wall Street

Thomas Lee, Co-founder of Fundstrat Global, shared his thoughts from a fundamental valuation perspective on the current crypto market and on the Wall Street FoMo mentality. Tom has been the leading equity research analyst on Wall Street since the 90’s and is now bringing the same fundamental analysis to Bitcoin.

6. Advertising Integrated with Blockchain

In this episode, Wei shared his talk during Paris Blockchain Week with Fabien Aufrechter, the Head of Havas Blockchain at Havas Group, about the integration of blockchain with advertising, as well as what a leading advertising company like Havas Group can offer large corporates and small startups with crypto ambition.

7. Blockchain Continent is Happening in Africa

How is blockchain making its impact on the motherland of mankind? Born in Nigeria and educated in the UK, Binance Labs Director Yele Bademosi moved back to Africa to start his entrepreneurship journey. Yele shares his unique experiences and perspectives — the African startup and investment landscape, and more importantly, blockchain adoption in the developing continent.

8. Securing Your Crypto Assets with Binance Academy

Mr. Binance Academy (who will remain anonymous) gives a comprehensive introduction to various security measures to keep your crypto assets safe from scams.

For more security educational content on blockchain, please visit Binance Academy Get a free Yubikey by taking this security test here.

“It's always good to just never link your financial assets or anything like that just to any social media or just never talk about it online. That's the best practice when it comes to transacting with cryptocurrency.” - Mr. Binance Academy

9. A Talk with Ed Tolson on High Frequency Cryptoasset Trading

Computer Scientist Ed Tolson founded Kbit in 2017 and now trades over 400 cryptocurrencies and monthly volumes of over $1 billion today. In this episode, Ed Tolson unveils the life of a high-frequency crypto trader and the challenges on algorithmic cryptoasset trading.

10. Enhancing Fan Engagement in Sports Through Tokenization

Alexandre Dreyfus, the CEO of & Chiliz, talked about the tokenization of the sports industry. How Chiliz (which just got listed on Binance) is using blockchain to bridge the gap between football teams and their fans, activating a global paradigm for fan engagement and monetization.

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